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Where once flashy destinations may have been the norm, today’s discerning traveller sets their compass towards a more fanciful, immersive experience. They are on a quest for trips with meaningful appeal that broaden their horizons with new allure. We offer a cornucopia of destinations du jour. Instagram-perfect islands to inviolate anchorages; the earthy and the exclusive; impossibly romantic to the utterly surreal. Not for us those sullied ports that have loomed large in mass cruising over recent years, we offer glamour not clamour.

No other mode of transport allows you to slip so silently, so unobtrusively, through history than river cruising; no other seagoing pastime captures your heart like sailing across shimmering oceans as salt-laden breezes take you to new horizons. Whichever voyage you select from our captivating roster we know you’ll see more than you remember; and remember more than you see.

Elite Ocean