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Luxury Antarctica Cruises

Some of the greatest expeditions you will ever experience are on luxury Antarctica cruises. This glistening, frozen realm is unlike anywhere else on Earth and will dazzle you with its dramatic and untouched beauty.

In this remote corner of the world, you can’t help but be ensnared by its allure. Follow in the footsteps of some of the greatest explorers such as Roald Amundsen, Robert Falcon Scott and Sir Ernest Shackleton on an Antarctica cruise. Discover a land where ice-covered mountains rise up against the horizon and huge glaciers calve into the ocean. This is a land where seals, whales and penguins reign and spectacular species of birds such as the albatross grace the sky.

When you embark on cruise holidays in Antarctica, the cruise ship will navigate across icy waters to some of the most far-flung destinations on the planet, taking you on a trip of a lifetime.

Antarctic Sound
Antarctic Sound
Situated at the northern tip of the peninsula, Antarctic Sound is an iceberg-strewn channel also known as “Iceberg Alley”. Its wild, dramatic scenery and eerie silence, occasionally interrupted by the sound of whales, is occupied by seals and penguins.
Antarctic Peninsula
Antarctic Peninsula
The Antarctic Peninsula makes up the most northerly part of the continent and stretches towards South America. This is one of the most beautiful and accessible parts of Antarctica and is home to countless seabirds, penguins and seals.
South Shetland Islands
South Shetland Islands
Because of its accessible location, mesmerising scenery and rich wildlife, the South Shetland Islands are among the most popular destinations on cruise holidays in Antarctica. The islands comprise glaciers and many more islands, including Elephant Island, Penguin Island, Livingston Island and Deception Island, where you’ll find an active volcanic cone which heats the waters.
South Georgia
South Georgia
Known as the “Gateway to Antarctica”, South Georgia is a popular destination on an Antarctica cruise. The rugged scenery is punctuated by towering fjords that plunge into the water below. The island is a haven for wildlife such as petrels, seals, penguins, whales and albatrosses.
Drake Passage
Drake Passage
The body of water spanning the distance from Chile's Cape Horn to the South Shetland Islands, the Drake Passage is an iconic part of the journey to Antarctica. Often referred to as the 'Drake Lake' or the 'Drake Shake' depending on how rough the seas are, this stretch of icy water is not for the faint-hearted.
This bustling Argentinian port of Tierra del Fuego is often the start and end destination on Antarctica cruises. The town is a vibrant hub where visitors and locals can enjoy water-based activities, including kayaking, scuba diving and sailing.

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Whale watching

Top 10 Things to do on an Antarctica Cruise

  1. Zodiac cruise
  2. Kayak among icebergs
  3. Whale watching
  4. Visit the resting place of Ernest Shackleton
  5. Helicopter flightseeing
  6. Submersible diving
  7. Scuba diving
  8. Visit Elephant Island
  9. Catamaran trip among penguin colonies
  10. Snorkel with sea lions

Nature and wildlife

This majestic continent possesses an otherworldly landscape made up of snow, ice, rock and water, where icebergs and mountains dominate the skyline. Here you’ll find wonderful wildlife that is indigenous to the frozen continent, from whales and seals to the 46 species of birds, including the albatross, petrels, cormorants and terns, not to mention the numerous varieties of penguins.


Because Antarctica doesn’t have any permanent residents due to its freezing conditions, you won’t find much culture here. However, its history and stories of exploration are fascinating.

Best time to visit Antarctica on a cruise

Between November and March there is 24 hours of daylight in Antarctica, which makes it one of the best times for viewing wildlife. In November, the water is filled with giant icebergs that create an almost surreal setting. Between December and January, the temperature begins to rise to just above freezing and you can spot seal pups and penguin chicks.

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