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Home to eight national parks and 20 of the highest mountains in the U.S.A., Alaska is arguably the most epic state. But when you visit Alaska, somehow epic just doesn’t seem to cut it. If you long to explore places with natural wonders that leave you feeling insignificant in their presence, then you should opt for luxury Alaska cruises.

For brown bears, grey wolves, whales, caribou and other magnificent creatures, this is their home and their territory but for us, it’s a giant untouched land that intimidates and excites at the same time. There’s no doubt wildlife lovers and adventure seekers will be in their element here. And that’s not all, imagine standing among this vast wilderness inside the Arctic Circle as the rays from the Midnight Sun beat down.

Glacier Bay
Glacier Bay
One of Alaska’s most thrilling national parks, Glacier Bay is surrounded by mountainous peaks and giant icebergs that cast an icy blue glow across the scenery. Besides its high concentration of glaciers, Glacier Bay plays host to wildlife such as humpback whales, bears, porpoises, moose and mountain goats.
Hubbard Glacier
Hubbard Glacier
Hubbard Glacier, located in eastern Alaska, is North America's largest tidewater glacier. Standing at over 120km long and 11km wide, it flows into Disenchantment Bay and is one of the highlights of cruising Alaska's phenomenal Inside Passage.
If ever a place was filled with captivating contrasts, Juneau is it. In Alaska’s capital, vast icebergs and leafy flanked mountains that provide phenomenal views rub shoulders with a bustling waterfront and meandering streets lined with ancient and modern buildings. From culture and history to remarkable wildlife, you’ll find it all at Juneau.
With its false-front shops and locals wandering around in period costume along Broadway, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d stepped into the Wild West. Skagway has to be one of the most intriguing cities you’ll visit on an Alaskan cruise. You’ll also find waterfalls, alpine lakes and a railroad that takes you along the mountain pass.
This colourful city stands on the southerly tip of the Inside Passage and is known for its rainy weather. But don’t let that dampen your spirits as the city has much to offer. Surrounded by forest and a pretty coastline where houses stand on stilts, Ketchikan is an effervescent port.
Surrounded on all sides by Kenai Fjords National Park, Chugach National Forest, and Resurrection Bay, Seward offers all the quaint realities of a small railroad town with the bonus of jaw-dropping scenery.
Whale watching tour

Top 10 Things to do on an Alaskan Cruise

  1. Seaplane glacier exploration
  2. Whale watching tour
  3. Sea kayaking
  4. Helicopter flight
  5. Glacier walk
  6. Nature safari
  7. Zodiac adventure
  8. Bear watching
  9. Catamaran trip
  10. Hike through the rainforest

Nature and wildlife

If nature and wildlife spotting is your thing, Alaska is the place for you. There’s no greater feeling than witnessing immense creatures in their natural habitat. And with Alaska being home to some of the most awe-inspiring animals in the world, you’ll be feeling pretty amazing.

The brown bear is one of the most iconic beasts in Alaska but there are so many more species to look out for, including humpback whales, lynx, wolves, moose, bald eagles and puffins. Alaska’s landscape is equally as diverse as the wildlife, with sprawling wilderness, volcanoes, frozen tundra, snow-covered mountains, fjords and glaciers.


If it’s culture you’re looking for, you’ll find it here in bucket loads. From colourful festivals to cultural and historical museums that teach you about the state’s rich past, the traditions are deep rooted in day-to-day life. While local shops display artisan crafts, annual festivals feature native dances, music and totem carving.

When is the Best Time to Cruise Alaska?

Most cruises to Alaska operate between April and September but the peak season is generally during June and July owing to the warmer climate and amount of daylight. If you are going for the wildlife, then May and June are the optimal times to visit.

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