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Travel has become about experiences and bragging rights, nowhere more so than when it comes to cruising. The crème de la crème of ships can no longer earn their stars by merchandising an illusion. As travellers become more sophisticated, top-notch vessels have upped the ante to appeal to them, so a butler and headline entertainment no longer cut it.

Seagoing luxe aboard this rare breed of ships is about more than generous thread counts and premier cru wines; it manifests itself in fine detail and revels in its distinction.

Connoisseurs of cruising have never had it so good. Aboard these trendsetters’ palatial penthouses guarantee the ultimate in stylish living, a quality that’s also in abundance in the array of sumptuous suites and staterooms that boast a private veranda and well-appointed marble bathroom.

When it comes to cuisine, the seaborne temples to gastronomy often surpass much-hyped establishments on land. Personalised yet unobtrusive service and up-to-the-minute technology are a given.

Any voyage aboard this esteemed selection offers a passport to a privileged world, one that epitomises seagoing serendipity.

Why Elite Ocean Cruises?

The rapture of cruising at a pace designed to liberate the senses cannot be understated. You can linger over breakfast served in the privacy of your own suite; opt for a late lunch from the poolside grill accompanied by a crisp white wine; or savour dinner at a venue and time that’s convenient to your schedule, not the ships.

For those who prefer glamour to glitz our collection of exceptional ships is in a league of its own.

Far from a vacuum-packed experience, a luxury cruise allows you to set your schedule on land. Whether it’s a brush with the artsy vibe of Barcelona or the exhilaration of Hong Kong; a sojourn through antiquity in the Greek Islands or sailing into the perpetual-motion machine that is New York, the carefully curated tours ensure you are far from the madding crowds.

Regent Seven Seas Explorer

While a luxury cruise might appear expensive at first glance, the inherent all-inclusive concept offers value beyond compare. Supplements for speciality restaurants, upscale wines and spirits, as well as gratuities are banished to the deep.

So while luxury ships will generally have a headline price that’s more expensive than premium ones, the host of included items make elite cruises a steal.

Not only will your ship be magnificent and the service world-class, but you will also be able to experience some of the most immersive and interesting itineraries which explore the most incredible destinations around the world.

Luxury cruises are pure indulgence, from start to finish. At Panache Cruises, we aim to start your enjoyment from the moment you contact us until well after your return, taking care of every step along the way.

Seabourn Cruise

Featured Cruises

Elite Ocean Cruise Destinations

Africa Cruises
There’s no denying this is one of the most wonderfully diverse continents in the world, and luxury Africa cruises steer you among all of its best bits.

Alaska Cruises
Home to eight national parks and 20 of the highest mountains in the U.S.A., Alaska is arguably the most epic state. But when you visit Alaska, somehow epic just doesn’t seem to cut it.

Asia Cruises
One of the most wonderfully diverse continents, Asia is a rich tapestry of incredible landscapes architecture and ancient wonders.

Australia and New Zealand Cruises
Australia and New Zealand Ocean
Luxury Australia and New Zealand cruises sail among some of the most beautiful destinations on the planet and let you discover each place with immersive experiences.
Caribbean Cruises
From the hip jiggling salsa beats to the infectious sounds of reggae, the inimitable spirit of the Caribbean is defined by its distinctive music, mesmerising scenery and centuries-old culture.
Mediterranean Cruises
From Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast to the glistening shores of the French Riviera, luxury Mediterranean cruises take you on a soul warming journey.

Middle East Cruises
Middle East
Borne from lost civilisations and religions, the ancient past of the Middle East is the lifeblood that flows throughout its modern-day exterior.

Northern Europe Cruises
Northern Europe
Often Northern European countries are overlooked as cruise destinations but there is so much intriguing culture and history to be found here, not to mention the iconic architecture.

Pacific Cruises
The Pacific Ocean plays host to some of the most wonderful marine life on the planet. Dotted with exotic islands and boasting a breath-taking coastline, luxury Pacific cruises take you on a voyage among beautiful destinations.
South America Cruises
South America
Possibly one of the most scintillating continents on the planet, South America writes its own narrative and dances to the beat of its own drum.


Elite Ocean Cruises

If you’re wondering what it means to go on a luxury cruise you are in the right hands with Panache Cruises. As experts in the field, we know better than most just what the true meaning of luxury cruises is and we are keen to share it with you.
Above all else, it is the feeling you get when you are on your luxury cruise that sets it apart, not only from other types of cruising, but from all other holidays. From the moment you first step on board, you will be transported into a different world, one of exceptional service and dedication to your every need and desire.

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