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Explore this awe-inspiring land where icy blue waters are strewn with giant icebergs and glaciers on luxury Arctic cruises. The Arctic is one of the planet’s most fascinating regions. Not only is the dreamlike landscape filled with wonder, it is home to endemic wildlife. Polar bears, seals and whales grace the land and water and the raucous sound of seabirds punctuate the eerie silence.

The untouched ruggedness and stark beauty of the Arctic has been the centre of attention for many an explorer seeking to uncover its hidden secrets. The Arctic Ocean is hugged by remote villages that are rich in diverse culture and a history with Viking roots that permeates the soul of anyone who visits. But its wonder doesn’t end here. Mother Nature has blessed the region with the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun, two of the most stunning natural phenomena. The ships used for Polar cruises and Arctic expedition cruises are purpose-built to access the more remote ports that the larger vessels are unable to reach.

Svalbard Arctic Cruise
Spitsbergen, the realm of the polar bear and the wildlife capital of the Arctic, is the largest island in Norway's Svalbard archipelago. Experience the Arctic's best adventures: stand on huge glaciers, watch the Northern Lights, and witness the extraordinary Midnight Sun.
Greenland Arctic Cruise
Jagged peaks, colourful ports, dramatic fjords and icy blue glaciers interrupt the Arctic waters to create the dramatic scenery of Greenland. And its culture and history is just as intriguing with its Inuit and Danish roots. Depending on when you travel, you could be graced with the presence of the Midnight Sun or the ethereal Noorthern Lights.
Canadian High Arctic Cruise
Canadian High Arctic
Canada has more land mass in the Arctic region than any other country and its High Arctic includes lands in Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut. These territories are home to an 85% Inuit population, who continue to practice ancient traditions.

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Nature and Wildlife

Being the most wildly remote and cold regions on the planet, you might wonder how wildlife manages to exist here. But the Arctic is home to many magnificent creatures. Because of the freezing conditions, the wildlife is endemic to this region. While ox, moose, Arctic foxes and reindeer dominate the land, whales, walrus, polar bears and seals govern the waters.

The Arctic landscape is perhaps more diverse than you would imagine. The ice-capped fjords, almighty glaciers and iceberg-strewn waters are complemented by the desert-like tundra made up of marshland, streams and lakes.

Finland Arctic Cruise


There are two main native cultures that have shaped the Arctic: The Inuit and the Norse. To this day, you’ll still witness traditions and customs play a huge role in their society. Their way of life has been largely been influenced by the landscape and climate and nature’s phenomena such as the Northern Lights and Midnight Sun. The Inuit people still build igloos and traverse the land by dog sled.
Norway Arctic Cruise

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