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Best Time To Go On A Yacht Style Cruise

The best time to go on a Yacht Style Cruise varies depending on the destination, but in general they tend to chase the sun. Yacht Style Cruises in Europe are popular during the summer months, while the Caribbean and Tropics are best visited during our usual winter months.

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Indian Ocean
Pacific Ocean
Middle East
Australia & New Zealand

Caribbean Cruises

November to April

Visit the Caribbean out of hurricane season when the weather is less wet and windy from November through to April. You can visit the eastern islands of the Caribbean in May with fairly low risk of encountering bad weather, but the absolute best time to go on a Yacht Style Cruise to the region is December to March, to be guaranteed the best weather conditions.

Anguilla is argued to have the best weather of all the Caribbean islands due its flat topography, but for travellers who prefer active excursions and immserive experiences, St Lucia and Grenada are fantastic options with beautiful mountainous scenery - make sure to visit in January for clear skies and good conditions for a range of activities from hiking to snorkelling.

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Mediterranean Cruises

May to October

Closer to home for us UK-based cruisers, the Mediterranean offers some of the best Yacht Style Cruise holidays during the Spring and Summer months. From June to August the weather will hit its highest temperatures and there will be little to no rain, making it the perfect time to relax on a beach and top up your tan.

However, July and August are also the busiest months and beaches and tourist attractions are likely to get crowded during the summer holidays. Visit in May or September for a quieter and more personal experience in some of the Mediterranean's most treasured ports. Plus, you'll find that the temperatures are slightly cooler but still in the low- to mid-twenties, making it much more pleasant for outdoor activities.

Yacht Cruises Mediterranean

Indian Ocean Cruises

October to June

The Indian Ocean is a fantastic year-round holiday destination that enjoys a very hot climate with constant sunshine. The best time to visit the Indian Ocean on a luxury Yacht Style Cruise is during the Spring or Autumn when the weather is beautiful (but not too hot) and the beaches aren't crowded.

Discover the Seychelles in October when the seas are calm, clear and warm. At this time, the water temperature can reach high twenties, and keen swimmers and divers might see migrating whale sharks as they arrive in the region. Head to the Maldives in March, when again it is not only dry season, but also home to a magnificent array of marine life, best viewed on diving and snorkelling excursions.

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Pacific Ocean Cruises

April to November

Although the South Pacific Islands enjoy a hot and humid climate most of the year, with beautifully warm seas and clear skies, the best time to visit is between April and November when it is usually dry. In June, head to Bora Bora, arguably the most idyllic destination on the planet, located in French Polynesia; it will be far quieter and not as stiflingly hot as the peak months of July and August.

Head to the most popular islands of Fiji and Tahiti during off-peak season in May or October, as it will be less crowded but the weather will still be favourable.

Yacht Cruises Pacific Ocean

Middle East Cruises

November to March

For optimum comfort, the best time to visit the Middle East on a luxury Yacht Style Cruise is during the UK's Winter months, or early Spring. The weather will be warm and dry and you will avoid the extreme heat of the Summer, which is vital for the overall enjoyment of the destination. Later in Spring the crowds begin to grow and it becomes a more expensive destination to visit, so head to the Middle East from November to March for maximum comfort and enjoyment.

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Asia Cruises

All Year Round

The best time to visit Asia really depends on the individual location. The largest continent in the world, each month offers up a different destination with optimal conditions for a luxury Yacht Cruise holiday.

As a general rule of thumb, March to May tends to be the best time to visit most parts of Southeast Asia, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines. November to January, however, are better times to visit India, China, and Malaysia. Travel to Japan in April to witness the beautiful cherry blossom season, and catch the dry season in Cambodia and Sri Lanka in February.

Get in touch with us if you have a specific area of Asia in mind that you wish to travel to on an incredible Yacht Style Cruise.

Yacht Cruises Thailand

Australia & New Zealand Cruises

October to April

Australia is a beautiful cruising destination and one which can be travelled all year round. However, a Yacht Style Cruise along Australia's eastern coastline or less-visited West Coast and isles is best enjoyed in the summer months between October and April, with the quieter 'off peak' months being either side of this time frame.

Explorations of Australia's rugged Kimberley region and Northern Territory is better visited outside of the summer months as it is hot and humid, although a voyage around these areas tend to be more suited to Expedition Cruises than Yacht-Style Cruises.

Similarly, New Zealand experiences hot and dry summers from October to April, so a Yacht Style Cruise taking in the North and South Islands will be fantastic at this time of year.

Yacht Cruises Australia

Americas Cruises

All Year Round

Again, the Americas are too vast to be considered one destination, so each individual country or region has its own best time to go. The US and Canada are great to visit during the summer months, with the West Coast of the USA especially beautiful at this time, while the East Coast is best to visit in autumn when the fall colours cast a golden glow over the region.

Heading further south through Central America, it is best to visit on a Yacht Cruise during the warmer and drier season which is roughly from December to April.

South America is even more varied and can be enjoyed on luxury Yacht Cruises at almost any time of the year. If you are heading right down to southern Chile and hopping on a discovery yacht to Antarctica, you'll want to visit between December and March when it is cool and dry. Alternatively, for Yacht Style Cruises around Brazil's vibrant coast, November is a good time to go as the weather will be pleasant (but not too hot), dry, and it is less busy than the late summer months when there is an influx of tourists.

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