What is a World Cruise?

A World Cruise is one of the most iconic and exciting travel adventures. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience which adorns the bucket lists of those with insatiable wanderlust – but rarely an item which gets ticked off. An extra special voyage, a World Cruise should be experienced in the lap of luxury with one of the Elite Ocean cruise lines, so that you can really make the most of your odyssey. When you take an elite World Cruise you are stepping into a different world. Days at sea will be as enjoyable as the destinations you discover, as your every whim is catered to by attentive staff offering a truly personal service.

Whilst sailing the high seas to remote and beautiful parts of the world, your time on board will only serve to augment your world cruise experience with the following:

Sydney Australia
  • Magnificently appointed ships with facilities to rival the most exclusive hotels in the world
  • Sumptuous suites with furnishings and accessories of the highest standard
  • Enrichment programmes on board to immerse you and educate you about the places you will see
  • Fine dining that would not be out of place in a Michelin-starred restaurant
  • Premium spirits, wines and Champagnes whenever you desire
  • Included extras such as WiFi, gratuities, entertainment, wellness facilities and so much more

Not only will you revel in luxurious surroundings, amenities, and facilities, you will also be overwhelmed by the warm sense of community which is fostered on board. This is thanks to the spirit of like-minded individuals who are all sharing in this unique and enchanting travel experience. You will see more of our incredible world than ever before and if you choose a World Cruise with Panache Cruises, you will do so in style.

Tobago Cays

Your World Cruise FAQs


When does a World Cruise depart?

World Cruises tend to depart in January. Start your year in style with a World Cruise departing in 2022, 2023, or even 2024!

How long does a World Cruise last?

A World Cruise will typically last around three months. If you are unable to be away from home for so long or would prefer to try a taste of a World Cruise before committing to one, there are ‘world sector’ cruises available. These allow you to take a unique voyage, covering a smaller stretch of the full World Cruise itinerary. Find out more below or speak to one of our Cruise Connoisseurs.


What should I pack for my World Cruise?

You will be beholden to the airline weight limit when it comes to your luggage, so bear this in mind before you pack everything in your wardrobe! Some cruise lines request that guests adhere to evening dress codes for the occasional Gala Dinner, so it is worth checking the itinerary and packing list prior to your departure.

Primarily you will need to think about the destinations you are visiting and the types of excursions you might want to get involved in. As World Cruises span multiple continents (sometimes as many as six!), you will require different types of clothing to suit various climates. Some itineraries range from the desert to tropical islands to Antarctica so make sure you are prepared!

If your cruise plan includes active excursions you will need to ensure you have the appropriate clothing and footwear. We certainly recommend that you take some form of active wear for a World Cruise. Even if you are not the most active traveller, it is worth being prepared in case you are tempted by the variety of activities on your World Cruise!

Our Connoisseurs are available to give advice about packing appropriately for your itinerary; as will the cruise line. There are laundry services on board all ships, and in some cases, you will have valet laundry included in the price of your ticket. And of course, there will always be the opportunity to indulge in some retail therapy while you are away.

How much will a World Cruise cost?

That depends! If you would like to enjoy your World Cruise from one of the superior suites on board, you can expect to pay more for the additional space you will have and the extra amenities and service. This might even extend to excursions for some cruise lines. Carefully curated to get the best out of the destinations, World Cruise excursions are enriching and worth every penny. No matter what price category you choose for your World Cruise, all necessities will be included in the price of your ticket, such as meals, drinks, housekeeping, gratuities, wellness facilities, and more.

When Should I Book a World Cruise?

As soon as you can! A World Cruise has a limited number of ships sailing each year. This means they fill up quickly so you will need to act fast to secure your place on board. If you have a specific suite grade in mind, you will need to move even faster to ensure you don’t miss out.

What Can I Expect From a World Cruise?

Elite Ocean cruise lines work extremely hard to put together the most spectacular itineraries for their World Cruises. This means you can expect to see the most interesting, exciting, and beautiful parts of the world in absolute luxury. Learn about fascinating indigenous cultures in the regions you visit and witness amazing local wildlife in their natural habitats. Marvel at the stunning architecture and learn the history of civilisations and how they have evolved over time.

What is a World Cruise Sector?

A cruise line offering a World Cruise will sometimes carve up the full itinerary into shorter sections which can be booked as an individual cruise. One of these segments would be classified as a World Sector and can be the perfect sample of a longer voyage before committing to a full World Cruise. They are also ideal for keen travellers who do not have the time (or budget) to commit to such a lengthy voyage but would like to visit a variety of destinations which are not usually be in the same itinerary.

What is a Grand Voyage?

If you want to take a lengthy and immersive cruise, but you don’t quite fancy a World Cruise or a Sector Cruise, there are other itineraries available known as Grand Voyages. These are often lavish affairs which span 70 nights or more and usually focus on a particular continent or hemisphere. They may lack the overarching diversity of a World Cruise, but these incredible voyages on luxurious all-inclusive Elite Ocean cruise ships ensure that you are in for a treat.

What Size Ship Should I Choose?

Smaller ships are the way forward on a World Cruise. This makes your journey – which as previously stated can take more than 3 months – far more enjoyable, peaceful, and immersive. The facilities are more pleasurable when you have more space and freedom to enjoy them, and the ratio of crew to guests means that passengers are well looked after, ensuring a more personal cruising experience.

Silver Whisper

Which Cruise Lines Offer a World Cruise?

Most of the Elite Ocean cruise lines that we partner with offer a World Cruise, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the Connoisseurs at Panache Cruises to find the perfect tailored itinerary. As experts in the luxury cruise industry, they will be able to offer personal recommendations and advise you of exactly which cruise line or itinerary will suit your individual requirements. The following are the cruise lines that can take you on the most wondrous journey of your life:

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Perhaps one of the best cruise lines when it comes to an all-inclusive cruise is Regent Seven Seas. If the price of your voyage seems a little high to start with, it will soon seem good value for money when you consider the number, and quality, of facilities included as standard for you to enjoy. All specialty dining is included which affords you the privilege of eating different cuisines inspired by the locations visited around the world, and of a quality found in the very best restaurants around the globe. You will also be able to take your pick of quite an impressive selection of carefully curated shore excursions, as well exciting on-board activities for those restful sea days.

Regent Seven Seas

On a Regent Seven Seas ship, there is a relaxed environment in which you will find an unpretentious ambience in spite of the sumptuous and sophisticated ship decor. Enjoy an impressive selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, from premium spirits to signature mocktails to world-class Champagne, all included within your cruise. With Regent Seven Seas you will also benefit from extras which make your cruise hassle- and stress-free, such as flight upgrades, pre-cruise hotel stays, WiFi, gratuities, and more. This means you will not be disembarking your ship with a huge bill to settle. Enjoy your World Cruise on the Regent Seven Seas Mariner, a beautiful vessel offering the most inclusive luxury experience, with just 700 guests on board. Feel at home in spacious accommodation; every suite boasts beautiful ocean views and a private veranda from which you can watch the world go by.


If you want to see more of the world, Silversea will deliver this and more besides. They have recently launched an Expedition World Cruise, taking passengers further into the heart of the most incredible regions of the world. Taking a World Cruise with Silversea will see you step on board the Silver Whisper, which carries 388 guests. The environment on board is elegant yet low-key, perfect for sophisticated travellers. The smaller ship size will allow you to get to know your fellow travellers and make lifelong friends as you go through an incredible and life-changing experience together. Unite in your love for travel and share wonderful memories after days ashore. See some of the most fascinating sights all around the world, from the Northern Lights to tropical paradise islands to awe-inspiring Wonders of the World.

Silversea Dining

A World Cruise with Silversea is truly a once-in-a-lifetime adventure which you will cherish forever. In terms of your personal space on board, most of the spacious suites feature their own private veranda for you to enjoy a moment of solitude, ponder on the day’s pursuits, or indulge in personal room service. The first ever Expedition World Cruise is due to set sail in 2022 and promises to explore even further off the beaten track. It will be a unique journey of discovery suited to the most avid and active adventurers. If this sounds like the perfect opportunity for you, get in touch with us at Panache Cruises to discuss the plethora of World Cruise options with one of our expert Connoisseurs.


The Seabourn Difference is what sets this cruise line apart from the others and makes your World Cruise truly extraordinary. This is thanks to the crew and staff on board who continually go above and beyond expectations to deliver special touches that make all the difference. From organising a private soiree in your suite to drawing you the ultimate bath, your Personal Suite Stewards will do their best to cater to your wishes. With exceptional culinary partnerships including Regiis Ova Caviar, the food on board a Seabourn World Cruise will tantalise the tastebuds. But that is not all; when it comes to cuisine and beverages, you will be delighted at every turn from specialty dining to an open bar policy.


Sample distinctive local cuisines and enjoy exquisite dishes created by guest chefs who visit your ship throughout your World Cruise voyage. You can even take a trip with one of the chefs to a local market to see the produce they select for that evening’s meal! The private club atmosphere of the ship will allow you to feel truly relaxed after your busy days of exploring cosmopolitan cities, traditional villages, and world-renowned sites. As a UNESCO World Heritage Partner, Seabourn takes you on an epic range of historic cultural tours, from luminescent caves in the Philippines to impressive gorges in Taiwan.

Oceania Cruises

Oceania are famed for having the Finest Cuisine at Sea so what better way to enjoy it than night after night on an epic World Cruise? With itineraries spanning 180 nights, a World Cruise with Oceania is truly a magnificent travel event. On board your ship, you will benefit from the same extraordinary luxury and comfort that you would find at a high-end boutique hotel, making you feel truly at home. This will be further enhanced by the convivial spirit of like-minded travellers on board who will be keen to share your experiences and bond over fine dining in the numerous sophisticated restaurants and lounges.

Oceania Insignia

Attentive crew will tend to your every need and designer amenities will remind you that you are sailing on one of the world’s premier cruise lines. A large number of the suites offer spectacular sea views. A balcony will also afford you a little haven of tranquillity away from the rest of the ship. The most popular ship for an Oceania World Cruise is Insignia; this stunning ship carries 684 guests and is the perfect vessel for you to spend your extended time at sea. Oceania are specialists when it comes to attention to detail, with itineraries carefully designed to ensure you get the most out of your journey.

Planning Your World Cruise

When it comes to booking your World Cruise, Panache Cruises are the experts you need to help make this the most hassle-free and exciting experience. We have booked numerous World Cruises for our customers over the years, on all of the Elite Ocean cruise lines. So we not only know what we are talking about in terms of what you can expect from your cruise, but we also know all the processes and intricacies of extended voyages. There are, however, a number of things to consider, which are worth mentioning in this guide. Not just which itinerary you want to choose but about what kind of on-board experience you require. We are here to help you with all of that. The most exciting aspect of planning a World Cruise is choosing the voyage. We have selected the best World Cruises departing in 2022 and 2023 and we have also provided with some highlights that may help when choosing which cruise line to book. When you’re ready to discuss them further, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a Connoisseur at Panache Cruises. We will be more than happy to help you plan your trip of a lifetime. Don’t forget, more World Cruises for 2023 are on their way and even more are yet to be released for early bookings on 2024 departures. If you register your interest with us, we can keep in the loop with early releases.


World Cruises in 2023

Only a handful of luxury cruise lines have released their World Cruise programmes for 2023, but we have put together an exclusive list of the selection on offer. While these dates might seem a long way off, World Cruises are increasing in popularity and with the impending lift of international travel restrictions on the horizon, it is worth thinking ahead and securing your place before it’s too late. Here’s some inspiration if you are ready to start planning:

Regent Seven Seas

Key facts:

  • 'Beyond the Horizon'
  • Seven Seas Mariner
  • Departure: 7th January 2023
  • 143 Nights
  • Miami to Barcelona

Your 2023 Regent World Cruise is where travel dreams will swiftly turn into treasured memories. It is a fully-fledged, life-changing immersion into foreign cultures and exotic lands which will delight you every step of the way. Each day guests will have the freedom to choose whichever activities or excursions take their fancy, as Regent Seven Seas is devoted to providing a truly personalised service on board their incredible World Cruise voyages. Discover new cuisines, new cultures, and new perspectives as you dance to the beat of your own drum on board the Seven Seas Mariner.

Africa Safari

Across your 143 nights on board, you will have the amazing opportunity to visit 48 UNESCO World Heritage sites and enjoy eleven overnight stays in port. You will also have over 350 free shore excursions to choose from in various categories. Traverse oceans, seas, straits, gulfs, bays, and channels over almost forty thousand nautical miles. Visit six continents and 72 ports of call in an incredible 42 countries!

Your journey will include visits to mythical sites, cosmopolitan cities, quaint villages, and incredible structures from the natural wonder of Table Mountain to the man-made carvings on Easter Island. Tropical islands will entrance you, with their paradisical presence barely breaking the surface of the turquoise waters in which they sit.

See a different side to places like these, as Regent guide you away from the tourist resorts and towards the more authentic regions of these beautiful locations. The capital of Mozambique is an overlooked port of call; you will be charmed by the Mediterranean-style architecture, delicious local cuisine, and tranquil harbour.


In addition to the dazzling cities on the itinerary, you will also experience and encounter wildlife you may have only read about, such as tropical parrots, loggerhead turtles, and howler monkeys. Try to spot hummingbirds flitting overhead but avoid the infamous saltwater crocodiles in Australia!

Keep an eye out for leopards in Sri Lanka’s national parks and take home photographs of the African and Asian elephants in rehabilitation sanctuaries. Of course, you can’t go on a wildlife safari in Africa without trying to spot the Big Five!

Lifelong friendships often flourish on board a World Cruise as you share this wonderful experience in the luxuriant splendour of Regent’s ship, with its home comforts, extensive facilities, luxury amenities, and remarkable service.

This is an adventure of epic proportions, as you settle into life on the open ocean, all thanks to the sanguine pace of life at sea.

Regent Seven Seas World Cruise


Key facts:

  • 'South Side Story'
  • Silver Shadow
  • Departure: 9th January 2023
  • 139 Nights
  • Sydney to Fort Lauderdale

Much like their ‘Tale of Tales’, Silversea’s 2023 World Cruise is the ultimate travel story, declaring “all the world is a stage” and dividing the 140-day itinerary into eight unique chapters.

Act One is an exploration of the mystical lands and natural treasures of Australia and New Zealand; the latter of which is given the spotlight with an in-depth tour of the beautiful North and South islands. Head across to the less-explored Melanesia for a mythical and spiritual Act Two, before exploring the contrasting vibrant modern cities and ancient traditions of Southeast Asia in Act Three.

New Zealand

Next up in Act Four is an extraordinary insight into the wealth of civilisations in Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Sail on through the Seychelles, marvel at the diverse wildlife in Madagascar, and wonder at West Africa’s rugged Skeleton Coast throughout Acts Five and Six. Cross the Atlantic and venture into the heart of the Amazon on the penultimate leg of your journey, tracing the steps of pioneering adventurers. End your odyssey by island-hopping through a kaleidoscope of cultures in the Caribbean, before disembarking in Florida’s sunny Fort Lauderdale.

Enjoy the benefits and inclusions which are exclusive to World Cruise guests. From complimentary internet to business class flights to up to $1,000 on board spend, guests on the Silver Shadow are treated to the ultimate luxury World Cruise experience. This stunning vessel features spacious suites, a complement of only 388 guests, superior service, a lively cosmopolitan atmosphere, and enhanced amenities. On-board destination consultants will present formal discussions about the highlights and must-see places of interest, providing useful insight into the wide range of exciting shore excursions available.

‘South Side Story’ is destined to become a World Cruise classic with its remarkable outlook and distinctive way of seeing the world.


Silversea's 'South Side Story'

French Polynesia


Key facts:

  • 'Extraordinary Discoveries'
  • Seabourn Sojourn
  • Departure: 6th January 2023
  • 139 Nights
  • Miami to Barcelona

Seabourn’s 2023 World Cruise weaves a mesmerising path across the globe, visiting over 60 ports in 32 countries on six continents. ‘Extraordinary Discoveries’ really is just that: a voyage full of enriching experiences, exciting encounters, and immersive exploration. Watch the world go by from the luxury of Seabourn’s stunningly elegant Sojourn vessel. Enjoy unlimited internet, free business class flights, and three exclusive World Cruise events, as well as a minimum of $2,000USD on-board credit.

For the first time ever, the ‘Ventures by Seabourn’ team of experts will be on board during the South Pacific leg of the cruise, offering guests intensive exploration of the incredible islands. Zodiac excursions, kayaking, snorkelling, and trekking await on the remote islands of Vanuatu, Tonga, Easter Island, and more. Pass the Cape of Good Hope at the southernmost point of Africa, unwind on paradise beaches in Rarotonga, be delighted by the vibrant blend of cultures in French Polynesia, and visit the iconic Rick’s Café in Casablanca.

Hailed as the “game changer for the luxury segment”, Seabourn Sojourn is the ultimate vessel in which to undertake a World Cruise voyage. With an exceptional level of elegance, the Sojourn features 229 spacious ocean-view suites, extensive wellness facilities, and all-inclusive dining, making it the perfect ship for a comfortable, lengthy voyage.

Seabourn’s partnership with UNESCO World Heritage allows a deeper insight into each intriguing destination around the world. Their commitment to promoting sustainable tourism and encouraging wider cultural understanding illustrates Seabourn’s commitment to outstanding value within the luxury cruise industry.


Oceania Cruises

Key facts:

  • 'Around the World in 180 Days'
  • Oceania Insignia
  • Departure: 15th January 2023
  • 180 Days
  • San Francisco to San Francisco

With a similar premise to Oceania’s 2022 ‘Around the World in 180 Days’, this 2023 World Cruise is one of the lengthiest of its kind with levels of luxury to match. With more focus on South America and southern Africa, this itinerary reaches new heights as it takes on the exciting Drakes Passage and Antarctica.

From exotic cities and coastal villages to soaring mountains and breath-taking islands, the many facets of this globe circumnavigation will intrigue even the most seasoned cruisers. This epic World Cruise is bookended by one of the most iconic cities in the world, San Francisco.

Costa Rica

Enjoy the laissez-faire atmosphere, tour the infamous Alcatraz Prison, and soak up the view of the immense Golden Gate Bridge. Other highlights of this vast itinerary include the cities of Mexico, aromatic coffee plantations of Central America, tantalising treasures and rituals of western Africa, and the crystal clear waters of the Seychelles. Look out for penguin colonies in Antarctica, in contrast with the abundance of wildlife you may be able to spot in South Africa.

Explore beautiful crumbling temples in Southeast Asia and indulge in delicious Chinese food as you sail around the coast of the third largest country in the world. Briefly touch the far eastern point of Russia before crossing the International Date Line as you head towards the beautiful glaciers and lush forests of Alaska.

A charming and luxurious ship, the Oceania Insignia is a delightful host for this extensive World Cruise voyage. Each suite is spacious and beautifully designed, with 70% featuring a private veranda, perfect for those intimate evenings. Insignia boasts not only four exquisite dining venues, serving memorable culinary masterpieces, but an additional eight lounges and bars for relaxing evening entertainment. Your World Cruise ship is not complete without somewhere to kick back and relax; Insignia offers an incredible Aquamar Spa and Vitality Spa for guests to indulge in after exciting days ashore.

Other Considerations for your World Cruise

With a voyage as lengthy and intense as a luxury World Cruise, you need to think carefully before you travel. From the time spent away from your loved ones and your home comforts to the emotional investment you are making in taking the plunge and booking the adventure of a lifetime. It is truly wonderful to take a World Cruise so the last thing you want is a few little niggles ruining what should be the most incredible trip of your life. To ensure that your World Cruise goes as smoothly as possible and is one hundred per cent tailored to exactly what you want, we at Panache Cruises are dedicated to making the booking process as stress-free as possible. That being said, we encourage you to take a look at these additional considerations in advance, so you can let us know about any of your concerns or wishes:
Bali, Indonesia
Fiji, Oceania
Petra, Jordan
Which Ports to Visit

Prior to your cruise it is helpful to jot down a list of the places you are most keen on visiting, so that we can narrow down your options for your World Cruise. An itinerary that can be as long as 196 days has so many different destinations, continents, countries, ports, sights, and excursions that it is easy to get overwhelmed. Is it a specific interest in architecture you have? Or do you have a passion to explore a certain region of the world? Are you more interested in gastronomic-based experiences and like to see the world through your tastebuds? If you are already extensively travelled, you might want to ensure you see as many new places as possible.

Consider Your Budget

A World Cruise is a sizeable investment to make regardless of which cruise line and suite grade you opt for. Many of the Elite Ocean cruise lines offer an all-inclusive ticket so that you can enjoy a ‘leave your wallet at home’ experience whilst on board. When considering how much to spend it will be worthwhile looking at any extra benefits you might receive if you were to opt for a higher grade of suite, as some have additional perks such as extra credit to spend on board or even flight upgrades.

Cruise Line Offers

In addition to considering your budget, you might also want to consider any offers provided by certain cruise lines at the time of booking. As a World Cruise tends to be their most high-end itinerary, you will often find they have a range of incentives included for World Cruise customers. This can make a difference when it comes to choosing the cruise line you wish to travel with. This is where we come in; at Panache Cruises, we will be able to advise you on the best promotions and inclusions that are available at the time of your enquiry. We may also be able to offer exclusive discounts or packages that no other agency has access to. We will help you to understand the differences in suite grades, drinks packages, amenity inclusions, and any free shore excursions. Many of the World Cruises we feature include a huge range (sometimes hundreds!) of excursions to choose from, so we are on hand to help filter through the absolute must-haves for your ultimate itinerary.

Which Suite Would You Prefer?

On a World Cruise your suite will be your personal sanctuary. We understand that, with such lengthy trip durations, you might want a haven of solitude more than you would on a standard week-long cruise. If at all possible, we recommend opting for the largest suite within your budget. Many of the ships featured in this guide offer a range of balcony suites, which once again we highly recommend. There will be days at sea in stunning parts of the world where you may just want to sit quietly, and uninterrupted, watching the seascapes pass you by. It is also worth checking if your suite (or ship in general) offers in-suite room service. Some mornings you may not want to change out of your robe and opt for a delicious breakfast in bed, or after a long day of activities you might prefer a romantic dinner under the stars on your balcony or in the comfort of your own private dining area.

Consider Your R&R

Whilst any holiday is of course supposed to be a relaxed and indulgent affair, the fact that you will be out seeing so much of the world might be a little tiring from time to time, so relaxing is the answer. If your idea of relaxing is a calming massage, you will be pleased to know most ships have these sorts of treatments on board. There are usually beauty salons too for extra pampering you wish to enjoy.

If reading is your thing then don’t forget your Kindle or tablet, as no matter where you are in the world, you can always download another book! For those old-fashioned readers among us, some cruise lines have an on-board library to escape to. If a more convivial space is where you feel most relaxed, enjoy one of many lounges and observatories to enjoy your afternoon tea or your morning coffee. Overall, we encourage you to think about what facilities you will need to ensure you have the right balance of adventure and personal rest.

Penguin Galapagos

Make the Most of Every Opportunity

While we encourage a good balance of adventure and relaxation of your luxury World Cruise, we believe this is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make the most of an extraordinary adventure. This includes the overnight stays and additional land programmes available. The last thing you want to do when you get home is regret not having seen as much of the world as you thought you were going to or less than what was on offer.

If you have chosen a voyage because you love the itinerary and the opportunities open to you, then why would you not get out there and enjoy everything! The excursions will be carefully curated to expose you to the very best areas of each destination, and some cruise lines offer varying degrees of activity to suit different travellers, abilities, and moods. For example, there may be a hike up to a viewpoint on a Caribbean island, but there may also be a cable car to reach the same point. Also, have a look at the land programmes and overnight stays that are included. These can be a welcome change from staying on your ship.

Social Life On Board

The likelihood is that you will have things in common with many other passengers on board, and the cruise lines will encourage you to socialise both on and off the ship. One of the best ways to socialise if you are open to interacting with other guests is to opt for open seating rather than set seating at mealtimes; this makes it fun to mix and mingle with as a many new faces as possible. There are usually a number of specialty restaurants on board too, so you may find that you have similar tastes, literally!

How to Battle Homesickness

Even if a World Cruise is the much-longed-for trip that you have been yearning for for years, there is still the chance that you will become homesick at some stage of the journey. Staying comfortable and feeling at home is an important part of a World Cruise due to the length of time you will be essentially living on board the ship. Missing family, friends, pets, home comforts, or even your favourite foods can all combine to make you a little blue from time to time. Our tips to limit this as much as possible would be to:
  • Take some photographs of your family with you. Seeing those faces every day will make you feel less distant from them.
  • Video call with your friends and family. With WiFi included on most, if not all, of the World Cruises, you could also make sure to video call your family and friends regularly from either your own device or a computer on board. This is perhaps one of the greatest advantages of modern-day technology and really serves to make you feel more connected to those back home. It is the perfect way to catch up on what is happening back home to help you feel involved.
  • Feel free to ask for your favourite foods. When it comes to the food on board, if you tire of high-end culinary delights every night, then you can ask for something that will bring you comforts like bangers and mash! The chefs are more than happy to accommodate such requests as they know that guests’ happiness is of the utmost importance.
  • Bring your own slippers! This might sound like a strange addition to your suitcase, but it can be worth bringing a few home comforts just to give you that additional sense of familiarity that might be lost over a long period of time away from home.
Santiago Chile

Know Your Ship

Our advice is to orientate yourself to the layout of your ship as soon as possible. This might be prior to your departure by viewing the deck plans of your ship, or upon embarkation. Smaller ships are a highlight of World Cruises as you won’t run the risk of getting lost or feeling uncomfortable in what will essentially be your home for the next few months.

If In Doubt, Try Before You Buy

As we have previously mentioned, there are shorter World Cruise sectors available so you can get a taste of what to expect from a full World Cruise. A Grand Voyage is another great way of seeing if you will enjoy an extended itinerary, as they provide a sense of community and in-depth exploration which bridges the gap between a standard cruise and a World Cruise. If you are concerned about committing to a World Cruise straight away, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Panache Cruises and we can look into other options for you.

Entertainment & Enrichment Programmes

Before you select your World Cruise, take a look, or ask your Panache Cruises Connoisseur, at what you can expect in terms of entertainment and enrichment whilst on board. If you are worried about lack of evening entertainment, the extensive itineraries on offer are sure to quell any fears. Many cruise lines bring local performers on board so that you can enjoy cultural experiences as well as be entertained, which is often one of the major highlights of a luxury World Cruise. Enriching programmes and educational presentations are also highly recommended on lengthy voyages as they are an excellent way to learn more about the places you visit. Some World Cruises bring special guests on board who are experts in their field and provide interesting insights into subjects relevant to the places you are visiting. Wildlife experts are brought in to inform guests about endangered species while on the Africa section of the cruise, while marine biologists are brought on board to educate guests on fascinating marine life and scientific developments. If you opt for an expedition World Cruise, you can expect an on-board team of highly qualified expedition experts to add more intrigue and texture to your cruise.

New Zealand

World Cruises are expensive and time consuming. To benefit from and enjoy a World Cruise experience to the utmost, specialist help, support, and advice are essential. Panache Cruises are friendly, supportive, and knowledgeable experts, more than willing to help you with every stage of your enquiry and booking.

To request more information or a quote for a World Cruise, give one of our Connoisseurs a call between 9am and 7pm on 01615138200

Regent Seven Seas 2024 World Cruise

regent seven seas world cruise 2024