Singles Cruising

As cruise holidays have become increasingly popular, with the industry booming, so have the number of single travellers opting to take to the seas alone. In fact, 18 per cent of global cruise bookings are for solo cruises which is a larger number than ever before, thus proving their rise.


In order to better accommodate this growing trend of single travellers, cruise lines have started to work harder and have responded well to the shift in passenger demographics by offering more solo cruises. With more reasonably priced opportunities, single-friendly activities, and spaces for solos to congregate, it’s easier than ever to have a fantastic cruise experience as a single traveller.

If you have been considering taking a singles cruise for some time but can’t quite seem to take the plunge, at Panache Cruises we will be on hand to guide and advise you as to whether this is the right choice for you.

We are confident that if you even have an inkling that you might like to try singles cruises, then there will be the perfect option just waiting for you. And we will be happy to discuss all the singles cruise options, get to know what it is you would like from a singles cruise holidays and will create the perfect holiday that is just right for you.

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What do we mean by singles cruising?

A singles cruise is simply for someone who is travelling by themselves. They are also known as solo cruises and are an increasingly popular way of seeing the world. In rare cases, you will be able to embark a ship that only has other single people on board, but this is less common. For the most part, you will find that the people on solo cruises will be mingling in and amongst the couples, families and groups who are also on board. You might believe that you need to be actually single in order to head off on a solo cruises adventure, but this is not the case.

You will find a variety of people who are taking their own singles cruise. Some you will find are happily married, having left their spouse at home. Perhaps it’s been on the individual’s bucket list to take a solo holiday or singles cruise and they want to tick it off. Health problems might limit travel for one half of a couple or perhaps a cruise has only ever appealed to one of them. As with most things in the world, there are no set rules on how to holiday or who your travel partner must be, so if you’re thinking a singles cruise might be for you, go for it!

Indian Ocean

Why take a singles cruise?

There are so many reasons to take a singles cruise so if you are looking for some inspiration, you’re in the right place! Firstly, a singles cruise can be a fantastic way to see the world on your own terms. Any type of cruise holiday is one of the best ways to see multiple destinations and really get to the heart of the places on the itinerary and a singles cruise can be even moreso as you don’t need to make any compromises. You will be exposed to the kind of destination immersion which you would expect from private, guided, and in-depth tours, all supported by enrichment programs on your singles cruise ship.

If you have an interest in say, the Pharaohs of Egypt, you can take a singles cruise to this area and learn everything you ever wanted to know, see all of the impressive sights and return home feeling fully satisfied that you have fulfilled one of your dreams via a singles cruise.

For some people, those who might be single by choice, divorced or even widowed, a vacation alone might be the only way you get to go away or see the world. So in that instance, a singles cruise can be perfect. You’ll be on board a fabulous ship, with incredible facilities and most of everything you need included so it will be a very easy vacation option. You will also find there are others on board in the same position as yourself so if you wish to, you could even make some friends. It will be a way of finding travel companions who have a shared interest in the destinations you are visiting who you can share experiences with and create lasting memories with. Some guests have been known to make friends for life on their singles cruise so this could happen to you too!

When travelling with a partner, be it friend, spouse or family member, you will find that from time to time you have to compromise on what it is you do. Whether it’s the excursion you take that day or the restaurant you dine in that night, there will be decisions to make. If, however, you take a singles cruise, you will find the freedom to do exactly as you please at all times.

So whether you want to lie by the pool, take a hike up a vineyard, take an art class or learn about the antiquities in a museum tour and then have room service in front of a film that evening, the choice is totally yours on solo cruises. A singles cruise is one of the best ways to get a truly personalized vacation experience that is exactly what you want and exactly what you need. So if that’s what you fancy, make sure you please yourself at all times on your trip!

Wine Cellar

What sort of solo cruises are available?

In the past, there were very few cruise vacations options, but in today’s travel-friendly world you have so many different options it can be difficult to know which one to try first. These are all available for a singles cruise too. At Panache Cruises, we are specialists in four key areas of cruise travel, all of which will create the perfect singles cruise too. We curate singles cruise holidays in the following areas...

Halong Bay

Elite Ocean Cruises

If you are taking to the high seas on a singles cruise, at Panache Cruises we think one of the best ways you can do this is in complete luxury. You deserve to be indulged in your every whim and desire and this will absolutely happen on an elite ocean singles cruise.

Other benefits of travelling in this way are the fact that the ships are a little smaller and more intimate. This allows you to get closer to the destinations on your singles cruise itinerary but more than that, it means you won’t just be one of thousands, swallowed up by a huge crowd of people. Any singles groups and activities won’t be overwhelming in size and you will get to know your way around the ship comfortably and easily.

Furthermore, with such a positive staff to guest ratio on board this type of luxury cruise ship, you will find that the staff and crew get to know their solo cruises guests with ease, knowing their first names and drink of choice. This means that as you walk into one of the stunning bars, you will be greeted by a friendly face making you feel warm and welcome – this can be a huge comfort on a singles cruise.


As there is such a focus on service on these ships, every one of the staff will seem approachable and friendly and will cater to your every need. This will help hugely in the comfort levels you experience on your singles cruise.

Another point to note when it comes to an elite ocean singles cruise is that there are many more inclusions all within the price of your cruise fare. This makes budgeting far easier as you know exactly what everything has cost before you travel on your singles cruise. It is also much easier knowing that most of your shore excursions will be included in the price of your singles cruise so you can really get to see the destinations you are travelling to. There is often a choice of what is on offer in each port town so you can select the one which suits you best – this is what solo cruises are ideal for.

From active exploration to historic tours of architecture and even gastronomic adventures, you will be able to book onto different adventures that you’ll be able to enjoy with like-minded other guests. You might even find that there are singles-only group trips too so you can head out with others in the same boat and hopefully make some friends along the way, another key benefit of a singles cruise. When it comes to solo cruises, there are few better ways to do it than in the complete luxury of an elite ocean cruise ship and all the benefits it brings.

River Cruise

River Cruises

You will find that a luxury river cruise is absolutely perfect for solo cruises for many of the same reasons an elite ocean cruise would also be well-suited. Firstly, the ships are much smaller in size, carrying in the region of 150 guests at a time. This smaller size means that you will be able to get to know more of the other guests on board so if you are looking for some companionship whilst on a singles cruise, you will find it.

There is often a fabulous sense of community on board a river cruise ship too, as the guests are all united in their desire to see the same places as each other and make the most out of this travel experience. Warm and friendly, you’ll see that many of them are willing to chat to new people and make friends that will possibly last a lifetime especially if you are on a singles cruise yourself.

The main reason anyone chooses to travel on a river cruise is to see the destinations and with so many excursions included, you’ll find it is easier than ever to see the places on your wish list.

River Cruise

Hiking to the summit of a vineyard and sampling the local wine produced might suit some, but a tour of museums and art galleries will suit others – the beauty is, you’ll get to decide what it is you do. Solo cruises can be tailored just to you. Again, the service on board your singles cruise on the river will be attentive and personal so you’ll feel as though all your needs are catered for. This can be a huge help for passengers of solo cruises peace of mind, particularly if it is the first time you are heading off on this type of adventure. Look out for certain group activities that might be reserved purely for solo travellers and get involved in those if you want to spend some time with other single travellers and perhaps make some friends.

In some cases, you might even find that a whole ship is catering to single cruises so you won’t have any groups or couples on board whatsoever! These are not wholly commonplace but might be worth consideration if one becomes available for your singles cruise.

The ease of discovery, intimate ships with fewer guests, on board enrichment including lectures and other activities plus the excellent service offered by the staff and crew all combine to mean that a luxury river cruise is the perfect option for a singles cruise.


Expedition Cruises

A whole world of new experiences and discovery awaits you on an expedition cruise so whether you are travelling alone or as part of a group, you will be blown away by the sights you see on your tour of some of the most remote parts of the world. An expedition cruise is the right vacation choice for those who want to get more out of their holiday so can be perfect for a singles cruise.

Yes, most cruises are all about the destination but the destinations on the expedition list are another world away. And you’ll get closer to them than you ever thought possible. Have you ever wanted to walk in Shackleton’s footsteps in Antarctica? Or how about Darwin’s in the Galapagos Islands? Well, it’s all possible on an expedition singles cruise so it really is the ideal way to make those dreams you might have had for years, a reality.

The focus on any expedition cruise is very much about the places you will be visiting and learning as much as you possibly can about all of them so it can be the right choice for those looking to really get something out of their singles cruise.

You will be joined on board by an expert expeditions team who will also accompany you ashore to educate you at every single opportunity about the places you are visiting. From the topography, to the wildlife, the fauna, the history and the culture of the civilisations you’ll be meeting, they know it all and will impart their wisdom onto you. On some cruises, there will even be the option to plunge leagues under the sea in the on board submarines or take to the skies in the ship’s helicopter! So if you’re looking to be entertained and engaged on your singles cruise, look no further.

All of this means that any expedition cruise will feel like a wholly inclusive experience, no matter how many people you choose to travel with – the perfect solo cruises choice. You will be joining in lectures and on board chats from the team plus guest experts and afterwards, you’ll want to share in your discoveries with like-minded travellers.

This will be easier than ever thanks to the collaborative culture you’ll find on your smaller expedition ship with other guests as willing to chat to you as you are to them. Making friends on this type of singles cruise will be easier than ever.

Expedition Cruise

If you’re concerned that an expedition cruise might mean a reduced level of comfort on board, then you need not worry as the world’s most ultra-luxury cruise lines have ventured into this space and provide an offering which is frankly unparalleled. This is the same whether it is a singles cruise for you or not. You will experience all the comforts you would expect from a six-star cruise and more besides, thanks to the adventures you can take.

First-class service that is as warm and friendly as possible will be provided as standard, as will fine dining across the range of venues on board. The crew will know your name and your tipple and your stewards will be able to cater for all your desires. Solo cruises on expedition ships will be as indulgent as they are exciting.

With smaller groups heading out on many of the excursions together, such as on your Zodiac inflatable boats, you’ll find that you will make friends with ease and no one will be left out. An expedition cruise will take you to the most beautiful and remote parts of the world, showing you a side to them you never knew existed. You’ll meet wildlife you’ve only ever seen on books and have photographs that tell a thousand stories. If you are really looking to see the world and you’ll be doing it alone, an expedition cruise will be an experience you’ll love from start to finish and will remember forever.

Emerald Azzurra

Yacht-Style Cruises

For many, the idea of sailing around the world isn’t quite the same when done on one of the world’s mega ships carrying as many as 7,000 people. They can be as big as towns, with different areas to discover and more facilities than you would ever think you could fit on a ship. Whilst this suits some people, for others it is not the way to take to the high seas. Fortunately, there are many other types of cruise vacations available which are on smaller, more intimate ships which are much better suited to a singles cruise.

Elite ocean and expedition cruising are two such ways but if you really want to feel like a sailor, there is no better solo cruises than yacht cruises. Sleek, stylish and with the size and with the agility to manoeuvre into the smallest ports in the most stunning locations, a yacht cruise will give you a whole different experience.

Fewer guests on board will allow those on single cruises to get to know more people and chat to as many as possible. Smaller ships with fewer guests also mean more intimate experiences and excursions, which allow bonds to form amongst them more easily. This will be even easier thanks to the fact that this is a very unique form of singles cruise, favoured by a select few and as such you are likely to find you have plenty in common with the other people on board.

Several of the elite ocean cruise lines have taken their luxury proposition to the yachts of the world, such as Scenic Eclipse, with other specialists also operating in this field and they welcome those on a singles cruise too.

With years of experience in providing world-class cruise experiences, these yacht operators know exactly how to treat their guests and welcome those on solo cruises as much as couples or groups alike. You will find a warm and welcoming atmosphere and by speaking to the crew, you’ll soon be with other solo travellers if you so desire.

Yacht Cruise
Scenic Eclipse

With an all-inclusive nature on so many of these yacht-style ships, again you won’t have to worry that the bill when you step off the ship is going to be excessive, the perfect way to budget for a singles cruise. Instead, you can spend your time whilst on board enjoying yourself and sailing to some of the most beautiful parts of the world in complete style and luxury with like-minded friends on board.

Excursions will take small groups of you ashore where you will benefit from expert guidance and allow you some time to get to know the other passengers on your ship. And if you’re worried that the luxuries you prefer whilst on vacation, such as spa and butler services won’t be available on a yacht, think again.

These are readily available on many of the yachts, so just speak to your Panache Cruises Connoisseur, highlight your likes, dislikes and must-haves and you’ll soon be hearing all about the yacht cruise you’re heading on that will be the trip of a lifetime. All the elements you would hope to enjoy on your singles cruise are waiting for you on your yacht.

What sort of social life can I expect on a singles cruise?

In terms of your social life on board, that really depends on you and the cruise line you choose to travel with. Of course, there will be all manner of activities available on board, from quizzes to cards, to lectures to gym classes so you can get as involved in these as you like. In doing so, you will hopefully find that you get chatting to people and make friends – but only if you want to of course!

In terms of the activities specifically dedicated to singles on board, you will find an array of these available so speak to your Panache Cruises Connoisseur before you book to see which ones will be on your specific cruise. You will find that some cruise lines offer drinks and mixer-type events so you can meet up with other single cruisers if you wish to make friends. There might be excursions dedicated just to singles so if you tend to feel out of place around couples and groups, you can avoid this.

Solo Cruise

When it comes to dining, you can let the maître d’ at the front desk know that you are either hoping to join another table or are willing to share yours and that way you won’t have to dine alone if you prefer not to.

When it comes to the bars and lounges, as many of the crew will already know your name, you’ll always have someone to chat to and sitting at the bar can be a great way to strike up conversation with others.

If you would like some companionship and to make some friends on your singles cruise, we recommend you attend some of the classes on board too as these can be wonderful ice breakers. Afterwards, you’ll see friendly faces around the ship with whom you can chat about what else you have been getting up to on your voyage.

Your social life on a singles cruise can be as busy or as quiet as you desire so you can set your own pace to suit yourself.

Live Entertainment

Will I be lonely on a singles cruise?

As singles cruising has grown in popularity lately, you will find more other solo travellers on your ship than ever before. The cruise lines are well-geared to suit this growing number of solo travellers too so you’ll be able to take part in different types of activities in order to get to know fellow guests who are in the same position as yourself. That way you can make friends if you wish more easily.

Furthermore, on many of the types of cruises offered by Panache Cruises, you’ll find smaller ships with a more intimate and friendly atmosphere all with guests on board who are sharing in the same vision of the type of cruise they want to enjoy.

This means that you are likely to meet friends who might be part of a group or a couple too – you’ll find many guests won’t discriminate in becoming friends with single travellers!

Zodiac trip

The staff are always on hand to welcome you with a friendly face too and given most will remember your name, you’ll feel able to chat with them at your leisure. This is particularly common in the bar areas where singles might sit at the bar and start a conversation with the bar staff, only to be joined by other singles with the same intention! This can be a great way to meet people.

On a cruise holiday, regardless of who you have come with, you are never truly alone. With a full range of activities and excursions to take part in, the ability to join or share tables at dinner and with different events which introduce you to others, you’ll never feel lonely. And don’t forget; being alone isn’t the same as being lonely.

For many solo travellers, spending time in their own company is one of the key benefits of travelling on their own so it might be the case that you never feel lonely, even if you aren’t surrounded by people very often!

Will my accommodation be smaller on a singles cruise?

Again, this will depend on what cruise line you choose and even what stateroom type you choose for your singles cruise. In the case on many river cruise ships, they actually offer cabins specifically designed for those on solo cruises and these will be a little smaller than a standard cabin for two. Of course, this means that you will also pay a slightly reduced rate for this which makes it worth your while.

When travelling with an elite ocean cruise line or on an expedition or yacht-style cruise on a singles cruise, you will find that for the most part you will be travelling in a stateroom or suite that could also be taken by two people. As such, you’ll find no compromise on size whatsoever! Steps are taken to try to ensure that guests don’t have to pay the full fare of two guests in order to secure a suite suitable for a singles cruise with various offers and promotions available at certain times.


Will I have to dine alone on a singles cruise?

Some solo travellers will be more than happy to dine alone at almost every meal. Indeed, this could even be one of the reasons for choosing to cruise alone! But for others, the thought of dining by yourself night after night might be one of the most off-putting thoughts about a singles cruise. Fortunately, there are measures in place that can help you to avoid this if you would rather eat in company so you need not let it put you off going on solo cruises.


Many of the more luxury cruise lines allow for open seating across all the dining rooms so you will not be allocated to a set table to eat with the same guests every night. Instead, you can ask the maître d’ at the entrance to seat you with others who are open to it and who might also be travelling alone. Additionally, when you are seated, you can advise them that you would be willing to accept other guests at your table and would prefer to do so.

The availability of social events for singles also means that you are likely to meet other travellers in the same position as you so we would advise you to make dinner plans together in order to avoid eating alone if you prefer not to. Knowing you are already heading to dinner with a friendly face can put your mind at ease and allow you to enjoy your day a little more. It’s also extremely likely that you will make friends on your excursions or during any of the other activities you will be taking part in on your cruise so you could always ask to meet up with them in the evening too.

If all else fails and you strongly dislike the thought of dining alone with nothing to occupy you, you could take a book, laptop or smartphone to a quiet corner and allow that to occupy you.


Is it safe to cruise solo?

As with any adventure, vacation, or trip anywhere for that matter, safety can be a concern for those doing it alone and a cruise holiday will be no different. However, you can be safe in the knowledge that cruise holidays are quite simply some of the safest in the world. Being in such a confined space means that criminal activity is less likely as the culprit will still be on board the ship, making it much easier to be caught! No, cruise holidays are widely known to be safe options when it comes to all kinds of travel, but particularly solo travel.

However, there are different considerations to be had when it comes to your travel to and from the ship and when you are ashore in port towns. Again, the beauty of cruise travel, as well as booking with an agent such as Panache Cruises, is that every single element of your trip will be planned out perfectly to suit your needs. Transfers will be arranged for your trip and can even be booked for the journey to the domestic airport.

If you have concerns about managing your luggage by yourself, there are services available that we will be happy to arrange that whisks it all from your home, direct to your suite meaning you won’t have to deal with it until you get on board. In country transfers can be as part of a group or private depending on which you feel more comfortable with too.

When it comes to your time ashore, the excursions will be extremely well planned out and organised so that you are safe. Transport will be provided to and from the ship and in many cases, you’ll find they are fully guided so you are always in the company of other guests and your expert leader.

If you do find time to explore by yourself then the advice would be as it would be for any other kind of trip; stay within the safety of populated areas and do not venture off the beaten track. Keep your wits about you and in heavily populated areas, be mindful of how you carry your personal possessions such as a handbag and watch etc.


Be aware that pickpockets might operate in the area and familiarise yourself with the whereabouts of local police officers or emergency numbers if you will be leaving some civilisation behind and heading off alone. Listen to local advice and avoid places you are warned out.

If you will be hiking or biking across rugged terrain, perhaps ensure you have some supplies to hydrate and nourish you and even a first aid kit might be advisable in case you have a minor incident.

The world can be a very safe place so it is important to strike a balance between a healthy respect for safety and having the confidence to explore remote and unfamiliar parts. If in doubt, return to the security of numbers and try to find one of the local experts from your cruise.

If possible, in areas where you feel less comfortable, ask a couple or group from your cruise if you can explore with them – it is unlikely anyone would say no, especially given your safety concerns!

How do I get the best price for my singles cruise?

Firstly, you can opt for one of the single occupancy staterooms on a river ship – there are a limited number available on several of the cruise ships so you pay purely for yourself. If you can’t secure one of these, you will have to go in a stateroom designed for two people and the cruise line could end up charging you more for this. This may seem unfair, but if you consider the fact that they would be able to accommodate two guests in that space paying a full fare each, they would be taking quite a reduction to only charge one person the fare for the cabin.

As there are so few of these cabin types available and the demand for singles cruises is only increasing, you will have to move quickly in order to secure one. When it comes to cruise holidays, at Panache Cruises we are always big believers that booking early is the best way to avoid disappointment. From the price you pay, to the benefits on offer, to the suite, stateroom and even the itinerary you prefer, by booking sooner rather than later you are far more likely to secure exactly what you prefer to ensure you have the best possible holiday you can.

Solo Cruise

Having said that, some of the cruise lines offer reduced single supplements to make the price more favourable to guests travelling alone. So rather than paying a rate of 200% of the per person fare if two of you were sharing, you could pay as little as 125 to 150% instead. Whilst still elevated, this is still much better than paying double the amount!

You can also be savvy when you choose to book. All the cruise lines offer different promotions and offers at one time or another and on occasion, these can include ‘no single supplements’. That means, for a limited time only, that cruise line might be charging the exact same rate for solo travellers as they would be those travelling in a two but sharing a stateroom or suite. If you take advantage of these you know you’ll be getting the best possible price for your singles cruise.

In order to navigate this minefield of offers, timing and availability, we would of course recommend that you book your singles cruise with a reputable specialist and expert company such as Panache Cruises. We know better than anyone what offers are likely from each cruise line and will be able to advise you as to what you should expect to pay. Not only that, we will be able to tailor every element of your singles cruise to your requirements, taking away all of the hassle and worry from you.

Solo Cruise

Can I book a last minute solo cruise?

We do acknowledge that sometimes life gets in the way or circumstances change and some travellers would like to book their cruise holiday right at the last minute. This is of course possible and we will be happy to help with all the arrangements, however, it is not something we would recommend you do all the time.

With the smaller ships within our portfolio, there is the likelihood that many will be booked up by the time you wish to book and this can lead to disappoint. This is particularly pertinent when it comes to the river cruise lines and their very small ships with a very loyal customer base. Sometimes, these ships can book up months and months in advance so there will be no way of getting on board. If there is any space left at all, your options will be limited and you might not be able to get the stateroom or suite of your choosing.

Gran Canaria

Furthermore, when you leave it to the last minute, the pricing structure could be at their highest with flights costing me as well as the suites. When cruises are booking well, the prices tend to go up, not down, closer to the departure date so not only will there not be any price promotions (such as ‘no single supplements’) available, there won’t be any other offers too. Booking a cruise earlier can often allow you to benefit from extras such as on-board credit to spend whilst on the ship. The later you book, the less likely you are to receive any of these.

You certainly can book a last-minute singles cruise if you so desire and at Panache Cruises we will source absolutely all of the best options which suit you and help you make a decision. But if there is any way at all that you can avoid this way of booking and secure one earlier, we would absolutely recommend doing it that way instead. It’s far safer and more likely to guarantee the best cruise and suite for you.

Where can I go on a solo cruise?

The cruise holidays we sell here at Panache Cruises literally cover every continent of the globe – and the world cruises cover as many as six in one sailing alone! So wherever it is you want to travel in the world, we believe that you can travel there solo or within a wider group. With all the fantastic cruise ships and service to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice so it might be better to narrow it down by choosing your destination first! We have put a very brief overview of the different regions so you can start to be inspired before you get in touch with us.


British Isles and Northern Europe

A cruise right around your home country might not seem like an obvious choice but aside from the ease of travel in order to start it, it might be a great way of boosting your confidence if this is the first solo cruise you are taking! And not only that, there is plenty to see around our fair isles too with places you might never normally visit. Some cruises go as far north as the Orkneys and you might even get a chance to stop off in the land of fire and ice to behold that natural wonder too.

Heading south, a cruise around the north of France and Spain could take you to towns such as Bilbao and La Rochelle and even Paris too. You will be able to sample the local tapas delicacies and wander the Champs Elysées, and even stop off in the Channel Islands.

If you head further east, you could take a cruise covering the Baltics with all the history they hold and you could make stops in Russia too. This vast nation is filled with impressive structures such as the Kremlin and St Basil’s Cathedral. Or how about sailing the majestic Norwegian Fjords? Gazing up at these natural wonders from the privacy of your verandah will take your breath away.


The Mediterranean

A popular holiday destination for all types of holidaymaker, the Mediterranean is a favourite with good reason. And the fact it is so familiar to many of us will make it the right place to go if you are a little wary about travelling alone. It is quite simply filled with places worth visiting from the ancient Acropolis in Athens, to the Colosseum in Rome, the crystal-clear waters will be enticing as you sail this beautiful part of the world.

This is the perfect place to try a yacht-style cruise as there are few holidays more stylish in the world than sailing around the glamorous ports of Monte Carlo, Portofino and Dubrovnik. You can walk the city walls in Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage site, or perhaps take a traditional gondola ride in Venice. Dine on fresh seafood in all the coastal regions and sip fine wines on the beach in St Tropez.

If you want to travel like a Hollywood star, this destination has all the panache you need. But it is also the perfect locale for history buffs and foodies alike. You can generally choose from either an Eastern or a Western Mediterranean itinerary but if you can’t decide, don’t worry as we will be able to help!

Rivers of Europe

If a river cruise is the way you wish to cruise solo, then the waterways of Europe are an incredible place to start. There are so many to choose from offering different experiences across them all. In France, you can sail the Seine, visiting all the famous sites in Paris as you traverse its centre and head towards Normandy where you can be immersed in the history of World War II on the famous landing beaches. Try the huge variety of tawny ports as you sail the Douro in Portugal. Or why not sail the Danube, visiting as many as four capital cities? See the bridge which connects Buda to Pest in Hungary, or visit the von Trapp house inspiration in Vienna.

In Italy, sample all the local delicacies as you sail the Po and if flowers are you thing then you simply must take a trip on the Dutch Waterways when the tulips are in bloom. You’ll see windmills too and even make a stop in Amsterdam where you can cycle like the locals. Or if you have more than a passing interest in castles, sail the scenic Rhine Gorge and see how many you can count along the way. If you’d rather see Russia by river, take a cruise down the Volga and Russian Waterways and see original works by Rembrandt and Michelangelo at the Winter Palace.


Africa & Indian Ocean

This huge continent offers an impressive array of diversity, from Egypt in the north and a Nile cruise, to South Africa at the very bottom and the wildlife and scenic opportunities that promises. Itineraries in this area can come from both elite ocean cruise lines and even expeditions, thanks to the impressive experiences which can be enjoyed.

When cruising South Africa, you will see Cape Town, with its impressive and iconic Table Mountain looming above you. This vibrant and cosmopolitan city will enlighten you as to what difficulties the country faced in the past, yet will show you the progress of what has changed. From Port Elizabeth you can venture to the Shamwari game reserve where you will hopefully spot the Big 5.

As you head to the Indian Ocean, you will be island-hopping in one of the most stunning parts of the world. With water so clear you can see the colourful fish darting about across the coral reefs and a wonderful climate, you will be forgiven for thinking you are in heaven.

Rivers of Africa

If you’d prefer to take to the waterways of Africa, you can have unique and wonderful experiences here. If you love to learn about ancient civilisations and the mystique of the past, a Nile cruise is perhaps something which has been on your list of ‘must-dos’ for years. If you choose to indulge yourself in this incredible itinerary, you will see the kind of sights that simply don’t look real in person! From the magnificent structure of the Pyramids of Giza, to the slightly damaged seated Sphinx. Meet the mummies in the Museum of Egypt and perhaps even see how papyrus is made.

If you would prefer to see more of the natural wonders of Egypt, a Chobe and Zambezi cruise could be just right for you. You could see Cape Town and Johannesburg, but one of the most impressive sights to behold is the wonder of the Victoria Falls. The largest in the world, you will be astounded by their magnitude – it is no wonder they are a UNESCO World Heritage site. From a river cruise in this area you can also head to the Kruger National Park and spot that Big 5 that is so sought-after – just speak to us and we can ensure you have everything you need in your itinerary.

River Nile

The Middle East

Arabian nights, deserts, souks, extreme opulence of ultra-luxury hotels, palaces, camel rides, mosques and flavoursome and delicious cuisine; you can expect all this and more on your cruise around the Middle East. You can see many different parts of this impressive and very warm region, so make sure you make the most of all the excursions on offer.

You will need to adopt your best bartering skills as you shop for souvenirs in the markets – don’t feel embarrassed as the traders expect this and it allows you to pay the going rate, as opposed to the advertised one! Head out onto the Palm in Dubai and maybe indulge in some retail therapy of a different kind in the mall. Gaze up at the towering skyline and in Abu Dhabi, marvel at this Emirati state has caught up with its sister, Dubai. Admire the Sultan’s palace in Muscat and you could even choose to see Israel and Jerusalem.

Exotic, dramatic and intoxicating, a cruise to the Middle East will be all you ever imagined and much more besides.


How to describe all the magic you can see on a tour around this magnificent continent? Again, your itinerary can depend on the type of holiday you want to enjoy but the beauty is, you can have a multitude of different experiences all within the same luxury singles cruise if you pick Asia as your destination. So many parts of this continent sit within our minds as far-flung and exotic places that seem a whole world away, but they are more accessible than ever with an elite ocean cruise.

If it’s India you have always wanted to visit, you can extend any cruise holiday with a land-based programme to see all the sights you’ve ever dreamed of such as the Golden Triangle and the Taj Mahal.

Perhaps you will head to Hong Kong, where the British influence is clearly visible across the island. See where the old world meets the new as you gaze upon traditional boats against a backdrop of one of the most incredible and well-photographed skylines in the world.

Hong Kong

If it’s more of China you want to see, Tiananmen’s Square, the Great Wall, Beijing and Shanghai are just a few of the delights which await you.

Or maybe you would like to see the cherry blossom in bloom in Japan and head up Mount Fuji on the bullet train? If it’s World War II history that interests you, you can take a cruise which includes the towns of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as part of its itinerary so you can appreciate some of the devastation which occurred there.

Wander the impossibly clean streets of Singapore and admire the blend of cultures that co-exists happily together. Or head to Thailand and the hustle and bustle of its night markets, entertainment and street food. In Vietnam there is more modern-day history to behold as well as stunning scenery in places like Halong Bay. And if it’s natural beauty you are after then head to the Philippines where you won’t quite believe how white the sands are.


Rivers of Asia

A river cruise in Asia offers an entirely different perspective on the continent and allows you to see parts not acceptable by ocean cruise ship. Meander the waters of the Irrawaddy and see the locals with their bamboo rafts and fishing boats, and explore your spiritual side in Bagan where you will be aghast at the 10,000 temples and religious sites.

Or how about a cruise along the Mekong, which passes through many countries, including Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. This river played an important role in the Vietnam War and is still very important to the livelihoods of locals today. Along the way you’ll be able to visit Phnom Penh and see UNESCO World Heritage site Angkor Wat – the world’s largest single religious monument.

See the Forbidden City in Beijing and Shanghai Happy Valley as you sail along the waterways of the Yangtze. You’ll see much more on a river cruise here than you would a land-based holiday.

Australia & New Zealand

The far-flung destinations of Australia and New Zealand are a tempting bucket list option for many travellers Everyone has a vision of what they think Australia and New Zealand are like and now is the time to finally find out for yourself. Yes, it’s a long way to travel but you will be in good company on your ship as you will be with a whole host of other guests, quite literally in the same boat! You’ll be able to see manmade feats of engineering such as the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. And then you’ll be able to see natural wonders such as the Daintree rainforest in the tropical north and spot the crocodiles relaxing on the river banks.

A cruise to New Zealand will show you just how different this country is from its lush greenery, to its calm waters of Milford Sound. Middle Earth awaits you as does Hobbiton and you’ll also get to learn the about the rich cultural heritage the Maoris hold in these beautiful islands. See the English and Scottish influences throughout and perhaps even head to Rotorua, a natural spa town.

You can see a great deal of this continent in one single cruise holiday so if you’ve always wanted to venture here, wait no longer. An organised trip such as a cruise with planned excursions will be the perfect way to do it.


South Pacific

Emerald isles, meets azure waters, coral reefs meet ancient cultures. Stone sculptures rise out of remote islands and warriors grant the passage into local villages. This part of the world looks even better in real life than it does in pictures and it will captivate you as it has every explorer before you. Whether it is an elite ocean cruise you are taking here or an expedition cruise, you will find that every moment will be as beautiful as the one before it.

Learn about Maui the demi-God and sail where Gauguin did. Enjoy the laidback vibe of island life and meet as many of the friendly locals as you can. Dot your way between quaint huts, volcanic sites and find every island more beautiful than the last. And you’ll even get to see if Bora Bora lives up to its reputation (hint: it does!).

Central & South America

Sail the Panama Canal and traverse between the two greatest oceans in the world. If you’ve always wanted to head to Rio de Janeiro, a cruise can certainly be one of the more organised and safe ways of seeing it. Take an organised excursion to see Christ the Redeemer or even the famous beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana. Visit Buenos Aires and soak up the sophisticated European atmosphere thanks to the influence which was left behind many years ago. Head to Lima and explore the splendour of all the colonial-inspired architecture and head to the Ballestas Islands to see what wonders they hold.

If it’s nature you are most interested in then you absolutely have to take a cruise to the Galapagos Islands – but read more about that in the expeditions section below. South America also forms the jumping off point for many cruises to Antarctica and again, this will be looked at a little more closely in the expeditions section below.

Washington DC

North America

On the West Coast, you can visit cities such as San Diego and enjoy the jazz music it is so famous for. Stop off in the City of Angels to see the movie industry in all its glory. Keep heading north up the rugged Pacific coast and you’ll pass the riviera of the region with pretty towns such as Santa Barbara.

On the East Coast, you can of course see the Big Apple and spend a few days here if you so desire. Head north through New England in the autumn season and you will be treated to a kaleidoscope of colors as the leaves of the trees turn their shades of golden and reds.

Alaska and Canada are both a true nature-lover’s paradise and with their wild landscapes you will be in awe of Earth's natural beauty. Spot the birds overhead and the bears fishing for salmon. See the Hubbard Glacier, cruise the Inside Passage, and explore further on the incredible Rocky Mountaineer.

The Caribbean

Yet more stunning islands are to be discovered from your ocean or expedition cruise and you can do it all in complete luxury. Uncover gems you have never seen before, as well as visiting old favorites. From seeing the sugar cane plantations, to listening to reggae beats, you can see pure white sands, tropical waters and enjoy the exotic fruits from this tropical destination.

See where the pirates have plundered and admire the coral reefs that sit beneath the surface of the turquoise seas. Choose from a western or an eastern itinerary and you will see very different sides to this beautiful part of the world.


Transatlantic Cruises

An iconic voyage held in high regard by cruisers and travellers everywhere, a transatlantic cruise should be a journey everyone should make once in their lives, especially in luxury. Take high tea, dress for formal dinners and enjoy all the majesty that such a decadent trip brings.

And nowadays, you don’t have to simply take a UK to US trip – you can start off some in Europe and end in sunny Fort Lauderdale as you join one of the ships for its all-important seasonal shift and repositioning cruise.

Transatlantic Cruise
Expedition Cruise

Expedition Cruises

An expedition cruise is one which cannot easily be explained in just a few words, for it is an experience that is almost unrivalled. With a real focus on the destinations, an expedition cruise will take you further than any cruise has ever gone before to remote places and will show you a different side to them. From exploring Darwin’s laboratory in the Galapagos Islands, to meeting the whales, seals and penguins found in Antarctica, you will be exposed to more of the real beauty of our world than you thought would be possible on an ultra-luxury cruise ship. All led by an expert Expedition Team, you will find that you return home educated and satisfied with all that you have learnt and seen.

Grand Voyages

If you don’t quite have the availability to take a full world cruise but are looking to have a more in-depth itinerary which lasts longer than a standard cruise, why not consider a Grand Voyage? These trips will cover multiple countries and continents over several weeks and will allow you to see much more of the world all in a single planned trip.

You could circle around the Arctic and Iceland, or journey from the South Pacific to Valparaiso. Sail the Caribbean and the Panama Canal or head around Asia and the Indian Ocean. The opportunities are almost endless.


World Cruises

Perhaps the most luxuriant of all the cruise experiences, a world cruise is a desire that adorns the lists of many. And there is absolutely no reason why a single traveller should not enjoy one too! As you’ll be on board with the same people for a long period of time, it is even more easy for you to make friends – the sense of community will be present from the very first day you embark. You will get to travel to the most fabulous lands, near and far and you have several impressive itineraries to choose from, courtesy of the elite ocean cruise lines. But you’ll need to hurry – as so few itineraries are available, they have a tendency to book up very quickly. So if you think you might want to head off on a world cruise as a lone and intrepid adventurer, get in touch with us today and we will be happy to discuss the itinerary which is right for you.

Here are Panache Cruises' top tips to ensure you enjoy your singles cruise...

Join in with activities

This is one of the best ways of meeting people and building your confidence on your cruise. You want to be able to enjoy your holiday so if you want to make some friends and have some new experiences, this is what you will need to do. By booking onto whatever you can, it will ensure you don’t spend too much time alone and make some new friends along the way. On board classes are one of the best things to take part in for this!

Push yourself out of your comfort zone

Whilst this may seem a little contradictory to the idea of a singles cruise being all about what you want to do, sometimes trying new (and slightly scary) things is one of the best ways to feel rewarded. Plus, you never know who you might meet! However, don’t feel guilty if you want to stick with the things you enjoy.

Keep an open mind

You’ll meet all kinds of people on your singles cruise and whilst some may not seem all that appealing to start with, first impressions are NOT always right! Try to be positive and you might end up spending time with some really interesting people on solo cruises.

Try something different

Did you know that there are certain cruises where you can take part in activities known as ‘voluntourism’? This is a way of guests helping local projects and charities to give a little back to the communities visited. They are a great way to do something to make you feel like not only have you had a fabulous singles cruise, you’ve made a positive impact.

Consider the destination before you book

If this is your first singles cruise, you might want to visit a place which is more familiar to you so the prospect isn’t too daunting. A singles cruise holiday is a great way of seeing a different side to places anyway, so it’s not like you will be bored seeing the same things – there will be plenty of other experiences to enjoy.

Speak to other travellers on board

It is extremely easy to find a haven and stay there for the duration of your itinerary but we would recommend speaking to as many people as possible. That way, you’ll get the most enriching singles cruise experience possible and might make friends with people you wouldn’t normally come across in your walk of life back at home.

Be selfish, it's your holiday

It’s ok to be selfish! If you don’t want to do something, you don’t have to feel bad for this is your trip to have your way. Sometimes being persuaded into trying something new could give you a new hobby to love so if there is a part of you that wants to say yes, go for it. But if there is something specific you would rather put your energy into, don’t be swayed from your path, that’s one of the benefits of solo cruises.

Engage with the crew

These people could be your port in a lonely storm so have a chat with the bar man who makes your drink every night and learn the names of the front desk staff. You never know when you might want a little chat with them on solo cruises or have a special request you would like met. By being friendly with them, you are far more likely to have it completed!

Remember, being alone is not the same as being lonely!

Being surrounded by others in couples or groups can lead you to believe you are lonely but think about whether this is true or not. Some of the greatest adventures we ever have might be the ones we take alone. You are free to make time for yourself, see the sights you want to see, and you are on no one else's timetable.

Yes, it’s nice to chat to others and share some experiences, but there are plenty of opportunities to make friends and enjoy joint experiences on board your singles cruise if you so desire. Plus, a solo cruise can be a great opportunity to learn a bit more about yourself and be selfish for a while. Enjoy this incredible trip by yourself, as with the right mindset, you won’t fail to have a fantastic time!