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Silversea Expedition Cruises

Silversea Expeditions take you to the ends of the earth, rarely visited before and provides you with awe-inspiring, thrilling and humbling experiences. It is quite simply unlike any other form of travel, taking you to the remotest of places and showing them to you intimately.

Silversea’s three expedition ships are perfectly designed for this type of adventure having smaller capacity and have a favourable crew to guest ratio. This allows all of Silversea’s expert service to shine through within this incredible Expedition offering too.

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Our Cruise Expert

Gary Buchanan has sailed the Seven Seas during his 33-year career as an award-winning specialist cruise writer. Author of four books about cruising, he regularly contributes to prestigious newspapers such as The Telegraph and magazines including American Express Departures. He is a pundit on all things cruise and is looking forward to enhancing the content library for Panache Cruises.

Gary Says...

“On every metric Silversea Cruises’ ships offer luxuriant panache and style and I revel in their boutique vibe and chic finesse. When it comes to creature comforts innovative design reigns supreme in every suite; while the variety and perfection of the sublime cuisine deserves special kudos. I often reflect on the mosaic of memories thanks to Silversea’s globe-spanning gazetteer of classic cruises and experiential voyages.”

What's included with your Silversea Expedition Cruise?

The inclusions on your Silversea Expedition differ depending on the voyage you take. Many include:


Complimentary in-country flights



Pre-cruise Accommodation

Pre-cruise hotel stay


Multiple in-depth and immersive shore experiences


Expert leaders onboard to inform and educate


Weather-resistant clothing (where required)


Activities such as snorkelling, hiking and nature treks


80% of Suites have a veranda

PLUS other Silversea features such as Butler service, award-winning food and wine.

Things to do onboard

Dining and drinks onboard

Smaller ships mean fewer dining options but the food onboard remains exquisite. Your expedition will include some or all of the following signature restaurants:

  • The Grill – cook your own delicious food on a lava stone at the table in this uniquely style designed space. Food is both healthy and delicious so you’ll want to return!
  • La Dame – classical French cuisine at its finest, La Dame embodies Parisian chic with its perfect ambience and contemporary stylings.
  • La Terraza – Silversea’s Italian heritage is paid tribute in the traditional Italian meals served here, giving you a real taste of Italy
  • The Restaurant – acting as the main dining room, there are so many options available you’ll be spoilt for choice

Onboard Accommodation

  • Adventurer Suite – 167 sq ft
  • Explorer Suite – 190 sq ft
  • View Suite – 192 sq ft
  • Vista Suite – 287 sq ft
  • Veranda Suite – 345 sq ft
  • Classic Veranda Suite – 376 sq ft
  • Superior Veranda Suite – 376 sq ft
  • Deluxe Veranda Suite – 387 sq ft
  • Medallion Suite – 517 sq ft
  • Silver Suite – 746 sq ft
  • Royal Suite – one-bedroom 990 sq ft / two-bedroom 1366 sq ft
  • Grand Suite – one-bedroom 1,425–1,532 sq ft / two-bedroom 1,772–1,879 sq ft
  • Owner’s Suite – one-bedroom 915 sq ft / two-bedroom 1,227 sq ft

Spa, Health and Wellness

Health and well-being remain a priority for Silversea onboard their expedition ships so you’ll find various services to support this. From healthy and nutritious dining to spa facilities to fitness centres, the opportunities to maintain your health whilst onboard an expedition cruise are broad.

Take part in classes in the fitness centre or use the services of a personal trainer, indulge in treatments in the beauty spa from massages to facials or even attend to your appearance in the salon.

Excursions, Entertainment and Activities

Seeing the world is the most important reason to join a Silversea Expedition cruise and the excursions on offer are what set these luxury voyages apart from the rest. When venturing to faraway places such as the Arctic, Galapagos, South America or South Pacific, seeing them in depth is crucial to your holiday experience. Enjoy:

  • Marine exploration – a fleet of Zodiac boats is on hand to take guests to even more remote locations or even to take you snorkelling, kayaking or scuba diving.
  • Land adventures – you’ll discover ancient ruins, hike through the incredible natural surroundings you visit and through it all you’ll be given more insight than ever before. Small groups of like-minded individuals will venture out together accompanied by a regional specialist to educate you about what you see.
  • Wildlife – no expedition is complete without seeing exotic indigenous creates. Come close to penguins, sea lions, pygmy hippos and iguanas and you’ll be filled with the wonders of the wild.
  • Local cultures – special invitations to events with the local people of the places you visit will create memories to last a lifetime. You’ll perhaps attend a melanggan feast in Melanesia or even a funeral celebration in Torajaland. But wherever you go, you’ll be greeted with nothing but warmth from the communities you visit.
  • Scenery – ice floes, deep gorges, desert undulating for miles, volcanoes, tropical paradises; the expedition ships will show you a world that you’ve never before encountered.

There are a whole host of supporting activities to enjoy too – read about them below in the Enrichment programmes section.

Other activities onboard include attending the spa and fitness centres, taking time to watch the world pass in the observation deck, meeting fellow travellers and sharing anecdotes and so much more.

Enrichment Programmes

When you’re on an expedition cruise, you want to ensure you get the most out of it and that’s where the enrichment programmes come in. You’ll be able to take advantage of:

  • Onboard learning – the Expedition Team are made up of the highest calibre individuals who have expertise in a variety of fields. They have first-hand experience of the destinations you visit so their daily briefings, recaps and lectures are informative, entertaining and engaging.
  • History – seminars educate the guests about the cultures found in the destinations visit both now and in the past. The experts look at the human history with excursions to support them you’ll return home truly enriched by what you have learned.
  • Photography – capturing even just some of what you see on your cruise will be key in remembering it so pick up some pointers about taking the perfect shot whilst onboard your expedition cruise.


In addition to Silversea’s social responsibility work in the Maruzza Foundation, the Silversea Expeditions ships work that bit harder to protect the environments they enter too. The newest addition to the fleet, Silver Origin, is specially designed to be sustainable protecting the sea life below its decks and reducing the plastic use onboard. It also works to reduce their carbon footprint by having a water purification system in the suites and has an advanced propulsion system to minimise the use of fossil fuels.

By implementing practices such as these, Silversea aims to minimise the impact on the environment in order that these natural wonders can be enjoyed for years to come.

Silversea Expedition Cruise Ships