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Main River Cruises

Discover the best Main River Cruises. Sail along one of Germany’s most beautiful rivers, visit historic sights and immerse yourself in the local cultures.

Flowing through Germany, the Main is the longest tributary of the Rhine. Main River cruises voyage between medieval cities and towns where you can immerse yourself in the German cultures and learn about the history of the places you visit. Discover heartwarming destinations such as Bamberg, Mainz, Wurzburg and Frankfurt. Often cruises on the Main River are combined with Rhine or Danube River cruises so you can enjoy more of what each destination has to offer.

The backdrop on Main cruises is like something that jumped right out of a picture book with its enchanting castles and undulating hills. There are few things as relaxing as dining on board the ship and watching the pretty scenery roll by. Discover the splendour of Bavaria’s landscapes as you unwind in the luxuries of the ship. Along the way you’ll stop off at incredible locations and explore some of the most incredible sights, from UNESCO World Heritage Sites and imposing architecture to cultural cities.


Best Things to do on Main River Cruises

  1. Wine tasting at Wurzburg Residence
  2. Guided tour of Bamberg
  3. Walking tour of Miltenburg Castle
  4. City tour of Frankfurt
  5. World War II tour at Nuremberg

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