How Big Are Elite Ocean Cruise Ships?

We only work with the most luxurious elite ocean cruise lines, and understand that smaller ships contribute to the luxurious feel on board. If you book an elite ocean cruise through Panache Cruises, you will likely be on a cruise ship with an average of 600-800 guests.

The maximum capacity of the small ships we work with is around 1000 guests. Compared to mainstream cruises which usually host upwards of 3000 guests, our elite ocean cruise line partners offer peace and tranquillity on board your luxury cruise.

Oceania Cruises

Are Elite Ocean Cruises All Inclusive?

The elite ocean cruise lines we work with at Panache Cruises are almost always all-inclusive. The only extras you may need to pay for on select cruise lines are specialty dining, drinks packages, shore excursions, and flights and transfers.

Check out each of our elite ocean cruise line pages to find out more information about Azamara, Explora Journeys, Oceania Cruises, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Seabourn and Silversea.

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Are Elite Ocean Cruises Family Friendly?

Some luxury cruise lines have limited facilities catering towards children, but don’t explicitly say that no children are allowed, so it is worth researching this beforehand and figuring out whether an elite ocean cruise will meet your family’s needs.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises host family themed cruises which are dedicated itineraries with more activities suited towards children on board.

Oceania Cruises

What Is The Dress Code On Board Luxury Cruises?

The dress code varies on board different cruise lines and different itineraries. Some cruises will feature formal nights but on the whole the dress code is usually smart casual evening wear.

But don’t worry, you will find out whether your cruise includes any formal evenings when you book your cruise.

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Is WiFi Available On A Luxury Cruise?

Yes, WiFi will be available but may be intermittent depending on the destination. Some elite ocean cruise lines offer WiFi included in the all-inclusive price of the cruise, while others offer an additional package for the duration of your cruise.

Pacific Cruise

Will I Get Seasick On A Luxury Cruise?

Luxury cruise ships have some of the best stabilisers out there and are great for smooth sailing. Of course, it is always dependent on the weather conditions too, but don’t worry, you will always be able to take anti-seasickness medication on board if needs be.

Consider whether you’ve had past experiences with seasickness and always come prepared.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Should I Tip The Crew On An Elite Ocean Cruise?

Most elite ocean cruises include gratuities in the cost of the cruise, so it isn’t expected to tip crew.

However, you will usually find an envelope in your cabin on your last day if you wish to leave something for your butler or wait staff to show your appreciation.

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How Do I Make Reservations For Shore Excursions On Elite Ocean Cruises?

Any shore excursions you would like to book in advance can be dealt with here at Panache Cruises.

If bookings aren’t available prior to the cruise, we can help you arrange reservations whilst on board your elite ocean cruise to make it a less stressful experience for you.

St Lucia

Can I Get Off The Ship Without Booking A Shore Excursion?

Most elite ocean cruises allow guests to leave the ship and spend some free time in the port of call, with a shuttle bus usually running for all guests.

Just make sure you check the time you need to return to the ship as this is very important!

Mediterranean Cruise

What Is The Food Like On An Elite Ocean Cruise?

The dining options on board an elite ocean cruise is exceptional. Although there may not be as many dining venues as a mainstream cruise triple the size (or larger), the quality of the cuisine on board luxury cruises is unparalleled.

From Mediterranean classics to Asian fusion, extensive buffets to 24/7 butler service in-suite, our elite ocean cruise line partners offer a range of incredible dining options which are sure to cater to every cruiser’s wants and needs. Rest assured that special dietary requirements and allergies will also be well taken care of on board; just ensure you let us know at the time of booking so we can inform the cruise line.

Silversea SALT Kitchen

Are Dining Times Set On An Elite Ocean Cruise?

No, you will find that all of our elite ocean cruise line partners are flexible with dining and you won’t be restricted to one table or time throughout your cruise.

You can check the specialty dining venues when you are on board if these require a reservation in advance.

Azamara Dining

Can I Go On An Elite Ocean Cruise Alone?

Yes! Solo cruising is very common and a great way to travel. You’ll find that throughout your luxury cruise there will be evening events and excursions specifically catering towards cruisers travelling alone so you can enjoy meeting new people.

Join our Solo Sailors club today on Facebook to meet like-minded individuals and find out more about the best deals for singles on an elite ocean cruise.

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What Destinations Do Elite Ocean Cruises Travel To?

Elite ocean cruises travel all around the globe. From 7-night cruises around the Mediterranean and island-hopping in the Caribbean, to 50-night Grand Voyages around South America and 5-month-long world cruises, there is a vast range of luxury cruises and destinations available.

One thing is for sure – wherever you travel to on your elite ocean cruise, you will find yourself becoming more appreciative of our beautiful planet as you are immersed in each destination.

Silversea Indian Ocean

Are There Laundry Services On Board Elite Ocean Cruises?

Yes, there will be laundry services on board your luxury cruise. Some cruise lines include laundry within the cost of your cruise, but most laundry services are available at an additional cost.

You will be able to find out this information at the time of booking.

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Can I Book My Next Luxury Cruise On Board?

Booking your next luxury cruise whilst on board is one of the best times to book a cruise, as you will be able to access special onboard deals and offers.

Not only this, but you can also ask to have your booking assigned to Panache Cruises so that you receive the onboard offers and keep your booking protected by your personal Cruise Connoisseur.

Explora Journeys

When Is The Best Time To Book An Elite Ocean Cruise?

Always keep an eye out for fantastic deals and promotions from both Panache Cruises and the elite ocean cruise line you wish to travel with! If you book on board, you are guaranteed a good deal, but throughout the year there will also be good times to book.

Get in touch with our team and we will help you find the best price for your next elite ocean cruise.

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When Is Embarkation And Disembarkation?

Embarkation and disembarkation times vary depending on the cruise line and also the suite grade you have booked.

You will find out more about embarkation when you receive your pre-departure information, but if you have any requests or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your personal Cruise Connoisseur at Panache Cruises.

Elite Ocean Cruise

Will There Be Entertainment On Board An Elite Ocean Cruise?

Elite ocean cruises are small and intimate and therefore don’t have the same level of entertainment that you might find on board a big mainstream ship.

However, there is always something happening in the evenings (and during the day on some cruises), whether it’s a local show, musical entertainment, quiz night, lecture or presentation about the destination, cooking demonstration, or other social gathering.

You won’t feel pressured on a luxury cruise to get involved, but they are a great way to meet other guests and while away an evening at sea.

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What Medical Facilities Are On Board An Elite Ocean Cruise?

Every luxury cruise ship will have a doctor and nurses on board in case of any medical emergency.

There is strict and efficient protocol on board and all the crew are trained to deal with any kind of emergency, so rest easy in the knowledge that you will be well looked after on your elite ocean cruise.

Elite Ocean Cruise

What Should I Pack For An Elite Ocean Cruise?

Packing for an elite ocean cruise depends on both the cruise line and the destination you are visiting. Each of our luxury cruise line partners have slightly different dress codes, so it is worth checking at the time of booking so you can be completely prepared.

Aside from clothing, we recommend you pack comfortable shoes for any active excursions you may take part in, a good camera, binoculars if you are a wildlife lover, and of course don’t forget important medication.

Elite Ocean Cruise

Can I Join A Loyalty Scheme On An Elite Ocean Cruise?

Every luxury cruise line we are partnered with has their own loyalty scheme in place, which you can find out more about on their websites. Becoming a member of these loyalty programmes entitle guests to exclusive discounts, points, and rewards for each booking they make.

Get in touch with our Cruise Connoisseurs to find out more about getting involved.

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