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Dutch Waterways River Cruises

Discover the natural beauty of the Netherlands on Dutch Waterways luxury river cruises. Explore picturesque cities and towns, and sail past tulip-filled fields.

Weaving through the epic countryside of Belgium and Holland, Dutch Waterways luxury river cruises take you on an inspiring voyage. Pass rolling landscapes ablaze with flowers and interspersed with windmills – an idyllic scene so often associated with Holland. And, of course, when you sail in the springtime, fields of colourful tulips stretch as far as the eye can see.

But there is so much more to discover on Dutch Waterways river cruises than its natural beauty. Medieval cities and ancient towns have so much personality and many of the buildings look like they’re from the set of a fairytale. But behind the facades, there lies fascinating stories and history that teach you about each destination’s intriguing past.

During Dutch Waterways cruises, you can discover a wealth of places, each with its own unique charms. Explore destinations such as Amsterdam, Brussels, Bruges and Ghent, and you must sample some of the world-famous Edam cheese!

Explore the windmills of Kinderdjik

Things to do on Dutch Waterways River Cruises

  1. Visit Keukenhof Gardens
  2. Tour of Anne Frank’s house
  3. Visit the Amsterdam Museum
  4. Sightseeing tour of Ghent
  5. Explore the windmills of Kinderdjik

Dutch Waterways Itineraries