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Book with Confidence with Panache Cruises

Coronavirus has meant that we’ve all had travel plans cancelled, postponed and in general disarray over the last two years.

The good news is that cruising is back on track and many people are getting their diaries filled with exciting opportunities to make up for the past two years.

Our team of expert Connoisseurs are here to guide you through every step of the process from initial enquiry, to returning home, with no stone left unturned. Our passion is helping customers choose the perfect cruise and making sure that everything goes without a hitch.

What does it look like on board post-pandemic?

Cruise lines continue to work tirelessly to ensure that cruises are the safest holiday choice and their priority continues to be the health and safety of passengers and crew, along with providing an exceptional holiday experience.

Cruise lines have implemented health and safety measures to ensure that guests are safe and not at risk of catching Covid on board. These measures have been gradually relaxed over the past few months and we expect more relaxation throughout the year. Some of these measures include:

  • Testing prior to boarding ships, for both crew and customers
  • Sailing with reduced capacities to make social distancing easier;
  • Enhanced cleaning in public areas and guest accommodation;
  • Buffet replaced with table service;
  • Temperature screening when boarding and during the voyage;
  • Plus upgraded air purification systems.

Is my money safe?

The major cruise lines we work with have raised £billion's to ensure that they have more than enough money to cope with the pandemic situation and could, if needed, survive for many months if not a couple of years, without generating any revenue. They have approached the financial situation with caution and been exceptionally prudent when it comes to stockpiling cash.

We also operate a customer trust fund, meaning we don’t get access to customer monies, so all your money is 100% safe and secure.

But what happens if there are changes to my cruise?

Much credit has to be given to the cruise lines who have almost without exception changed and developed their booking conditions to cater for their customers' needs.

Our preferred cruise line partners have flexible booking conditions which give customers peace of mind that any changes made to their cruise holiday will be dealt with swiftly and fairly.

How good are the offers out there?

Quite simply, they are the best that we’ve have seen in decades.

Whether the cruise line is offering $1,000 onboard spend, free Wi-Fi, drinks packages or straight price reductions, there are some very attractive deals to be had. BUT, be aware that as cruising gets more and more back to normal, prices WILL increase and start to look more like they did prior to the pandemic.

Conclusion: We've never had it so good!

When we re-read our findings we were genuinely surprised

  • Fewer guests on each ship
  • Significantly more health protocols in place, more than any other holiday alternative
  • Low deposits and flexible booking conditions make it less stressful to secure a 2023, 2024 or 2025 cruise.

Some current deals are the best that they have ever been!

Our conclusion is WE HAVE NEVER HAD IT SO GOOD! If you are a cruiser and love cruising, why wouldn’t you book a cruise?

Do you agree with the above? Are you ready to make your next cruise booking?

If you have had issues or are having issues with your current retailer, we can give you helpful advice too and we are more than happy to accept cruise credits/certificates issued by the cruise lines.

Our team of helpful and friendly Cruise Connoisseurs are here to discuss, chat and find your next perfect cruise holiday, you can call them between 8am and 6pm (EST) on 1 833 399 4108. There is no obligation to buy, we’d just be delighted to hear from you and always happy to help.