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Top 10 Things to do on an Antarctica Cruise

  1. Zodiac cruise
  2. Kayak among icebergs
  3. Whale watching
  4. Visit the resting place of Ernest Shackleton
  5. Helicopter flightseeing
  6. Submersible diving
  7. Scuba diving
  8. Visit Elephant Island
  9. Catamaran trip among penguin colonies
  10. Polar plunge
Whale Watching Antarctica Cruise
Antarctica Cruise Zodiac
Zodiac Cruise

Zodiac cruising allows you to reach areas that the Expedition ship cannot access, such as getting closer to icebergs and landing on beaches on the Antarctic Peninsula. Explore shallows inlets and get up close and personal with wildlife on a zodiac excursion. You might even find that penguins are super friendly and curious and hop into the zodiac with you!

Antarctica Cruise Penguin Colony
Visit Penguin Colonies

On an Antarctica Cruise, many itineraries stop off at South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, a haven for wildlife and home to millions of penguins, seals, sea lions, and native seabirds. There are known to be over two million pairs of king penguins, yellow-crested macaroni penguins, Gentoo penguins, and black-banded chinstrap penguins on these islands too. January is the best month to visit penguin colonies in Antarctica as they feed their chicks.

Antarctica Cruise Polar Plunge
Polar Plunge

An activity on board an Antarctica Cruise which is not for the faint-hearted is the polar plunge. After cruising around icebergs and watching beautiful creatures glide in and out of the water all day, what could be more exciting than jumping into the blue depths of Antarctica’s frozen sea? Leap into the icy waters if you dare for the (literally) breath-taking experience of a lifetime in the freezing Southern Ocean. This activity is one for the bucket list and few have earned the badge of honour.

  • Antarctica Cruise

  • Whale Watching

  • Submersible Experience

  • Scuba Diving

  • Polar Plunge

  • Penguins

  • Antarctica Kayaking

  • Antarctica Hiking

  • Visit Shackleton's Resting Place

  • Explore Elephant Island