What Can I Expect Life On Board A Yacht Style Cruise To Be Like?

Yacht Style Cruises will be slightly different to a more mainstream cruise on a much larger ship. You can expect the facilities to be luxurious, with areas providing excellent entertainment, but they will likely be smaller than the opulent theatres and communal spaces found on mega ships.

There is usually a convivial atmosphere amongst the guests of yacht cruises that can be enjoyed in a chic and laidback environment, where you will meet like-minded individuals.

Emerald Azzurra

What Are The Facilities On Yacht Style Cruises?

You are likely to find a gym on board and spa facilities. There will usually be a main dining area and themed restaurant, as well as a well-stocked bar and lounge area. Additional leisure areas such as a café, extra lounges, and a library may be found on the slightly bigger yacht cruises.

On almost all yacht cruises, expect to find a relaxing plunge pool and deck area in which to enjoy the outdoor views and sunshine. Many luxury yachts also have water sports equipment and features such as a marina, Zodiacs, or even a submarine!

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Will I Be Offered Excursions On Yacht Style Cruises?

The destinations are the star of any cruise really, but even more so on Yacht Style Cruises which are able to access smaller and more remote ports around the globe. The all-inclusive nature of most yacht cruises means that shore excursions are often included and have been carefully put together by destination afficionados to ensure guests get the most out of the itinerary.

In some cases, you may also have the option of curating excursions which are private and tailored to your personal needs with the support of an on-board concierge. If you are curious about tailor-made excursions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our Cruise Connoisseurs.

Yacht Cruise Excursions

What Will The Dining Be Like On Yacht Style Cruises?

The smaller nature of Yacht Style Cruises means there will be fewer restaurants to choose from, but by no means does this affect the quality of dining experience. In fact, you will find genuine Michelin-quality menus which have been defined by expert chefs.

There will be classical styles mingling with the nouveau, and more often than not the chefs use fresh local ingredients to create locally inspired dishes for the menu.

There might be some kind of al fresco dining too, such as a café or grill. Many ships also offer 24-hour in-suite dining too if you would prefer to have a more private meal.

Windstar Cruises Restaurant

What Are The Wellness Facilities On Board Yacht Style Cruises?

Wellness is increasingly popular on all cruises and Yacht Style Cruises are no different. In addition to gym and spa facilities, you will find there are other options, such as yoga and Pilates classes. There are always water sports to be enjoyed off the ship too, such as kayaking or paddleboarding, so why not give those a try?

SeaDream Yacht Cruise Paddle Boarding
Ponant Yacht Cruise Sauna
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Ponant Sailing Ship

What Can I Expect Regarding Other Guests?

Smaller ships will of course mean there are fewer guests on board so if the idea of being surrounded by thousands of other passengers does not appeal, then Yacht Style Cruises are perfect for you. You will not find areas overcrowded. Instead, you will find like-minded travellers who are hoping for a similar experience to you.

The atmosphere will be warm and welcoming, even more so than other types of cruise, and you will find yourself chatting to others whether it be over a cocktail on deck or over a delicious dinner.

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What Kind Of Service Should I Expect On Yacht Style Cruises?

In short, you can expect exceptional service. Luxurious Yacht Style Cruises ensure that you will have a personalised service to cater for your every need. This will be offered by professional crew who work in one of the most favourable staff to guest ratios within the industry.

The lower number of guests on board allows the crew to really get to know you too; they won’t only remember your name but your preferred beverage too. You will have everything you need and much more besides, all delivered as part of the elite, six-star service.

Windstar Cruises Cocktail Bar

How Big Are Suites And Staterooms?

By nature, Yacht Style Cruise ships are much smaller, so you are unlikely to find the huge suites that are popular on larger ships. However, as these are luxury Yacht Style Cruises, you will still find more than adequate space in your suite.

Enjoy ocean views, comfortable beds, entertainment, and in-suite dining. Don’t forget, the beauty of a yacht-style cruise is to spend time really immersing yourself in the destination.

Scenic Eclipse Suite

What's The Best Way To Book Yacht Cruises?

When you are planning a luxury Yacht Style Cruise, there are many elements to consider and you have lots of options such as extended stays in ports, stopovers and so on. Using an expert cruise travel agency such as Panache Cruises will give you access to a Connoisseur who has first-hand experience of the many different cruise lines.

Furthermore, they will get to know you and your individual preferences so you will not only get the best price and offers available, but you will also receive exceptional personalised service.

At Panache Cruises, we always recommend booking your luxury small-ship cruise sooner rather than later for a variety of reasons. You will have a better selection of itineraries to choose from, more suites and stateroom options, and most importantly, you will get your luxury Yacht Style Cruise for a better price the earlier you book, as there will be more discounts and offers available.

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