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Looking for a Uniworld Cruise in 2023, 2024 or 2025?

If you’re searching for the perfect boutique river cruise, then there’s a strong chance that a Uniworld cruise is the perfect option for you.

With dozens of options available, from the dazzling Danube, to the remarkable Rhine, through to the iconic Nile, Uniworld cruises provide the perfect cruises for those who love the feeling of flowing down the river, in a luxurious and intimate ship.

World-class gourmet cuisine, high quality hospitality and shore excursions you’ll remember forever.

Uniworld boasts the highest staff-to-guest ratio in the river cruise industry, which means that across each of their 21 ships you can expect the very best quality service and hospitality, giving you the trip of a lifetime and the treatment you deserve.

Uniworld's European ships have an average capacity of 120 guests, giving you a truly intimate and personal experience.

And – in truth – their ships are not just ships, but rather each ship is a luxurious floating boutique hotel, with beautiful spaces, exquisite antiques and original works of art.

With all-inclusive a matter of course, giving you unlimited premium spirits and wine, five-star farm-to-table cuisine and your choice of carefully curated excursions, your completely satisfaction is guaranteed.

Why should you book a Uniworld Cruise with Panache?

When you book a Uniworld Cruises trip with Panache, you’re partnering with a tried and tested team with decades of experience in luxury cruising.

Founded by James Cole – one of the most recognised names in the industry – Panache exists to provide a truly world class cruise concierge service, from your first contact with us, right through to your journey home.

Our entire team is based right here in the UK, with no call centres, no annoying hold music and no frustrating numbers to press to get through to a human being.

Plus, our team is small enough that you’ll know your point of contact by name, which means no long waits while someone pulls up your file, and no explaining your situation multiple times to multiple people.

Simply put, we will do everything in our power to give you the experience of a lifetime, and will work tirelessly to provide you with a fabulous time on the river cruise of your choice.

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Uniworld Itineraries

Our Cruise Expert

Gary Buchanan has sailed the Seven Seas during his 33-year career as an award-winning specialist cruise writer. Author of four books about cruising, he regularly contributes to prestigious newspapers such as The Telegraph and magazines including American Express Departures. He is a pundit on all things cruise and is looking forward to enhancing the content library for Panache Cruises.

Gary Says...

“Uniworld’s vessels are to river cruise ships as diamonds are to rhinestones. Each vessel boasts opulent exuberance in their interior design with daring signature décor that’s distinctive and themed on the region in which they cruise. I am full of praise for the cuisine which is a gourmet hybrid where big flavours and textures triumph – not surprising as ‘farm-to-ship’ is central to the culinary philosophy – as is fine wine.”

What's included with your Uniworld Cruise?

Uniworld offers an unmatched, fully-inclusive experience with luxury amenities for its river cruise guests to ensure every desire is catered for.


This is all 5-star and delicious and is offered in a farm-to-table format

Complementary drinks

These include premium wine and spirits, available throughout your ship


A programme of included excursions is carefully crafted to ensure you see the ports on your itinerary to their absolute best


Tips/gratuities are included in the cost of your cruise both onshore and offshore

Wellness classes

A certified wellness instructor will host classes for your benefit whilst onboard


Airport transfers are included in the price of your cruise

Fitness equipment

Nordic walking sticks and bicycles are available for your use whilst in your destinations


This is available across the ship


A range of entertainment and enrichment activities are included during your time onboard

Whilst Uniworld offers a fully-inclusive cruise, there are certain additional elements you can choose to purchase whilst onboard to enhance your experience even further.

Things to do onboard

Dining and drinks onboard

Dining onboard your Uniworld ship is a 5-star event at every meal and it’s all included within the price you pay. The world-class cuisine is made from only the freshest of ingredients which are all locally sourced from the destinations you will visit on your itinerary.

Uniworld also boasts a celebrity chef in Bea Tollman and her signature dishes found in the menus onboard reflect her culinary vision. This delicious homegrown cooking sets Uniworld apart and is further enhanced with the ‘farm to ship’ governing philosophy. It comes from their master chefs who create dishes with only the absolute best local produce and techniques. Meats and vegetables will be sourced within just a few miles of the port towns you visit and the food will all be prepared and cooked to your liking. Whilst on your ship this ability to dine locally will ensure you are even further immersed in the cultures found in the destinations of your trip.

If you wish to pursue more healthy culinary options whilst sailing, you will be pleased to know that Uniworld offers a ‘Travelling Lite’ menu with lower calorie dishes. There is also a range of vegetarian and vegan dishes to choose from if you prefer.

When it comes to drinks onboard, the locality of your destinations is also reflected even down to the cocktails on offer. These one-of-a-kind beverages are inspired by ports on the itinerary and can include delicious gems such as ‘The Sassy Bordeaux’ with a local aperitif forming the basis and enhanced with tarragon, citrus and gin.

The cruises you will enjoy on a Uniworld ship are often through some of the most highly-acclaimed wine regions of Europe and so it is only right that the wines served onboard reflect this. All the wine menus are put together by experienced sommeliers who curate them to reflect the local ports visited. These wines will all be included within the price of your Uniworld cruise too.

Beers can also be unique and discerning too and that’s exactly what Uniworld offers. Take your pick of some of the finest lagers, ales and stouts from small, specialist breweries which are again, all included in the price.

Onboard Accommodation

Uniworld offers a range of staterooms and suites and each category differs slight across its fleet. For voyages in Africa, Asia and South America, please enquire about the specifics of your ship. For European sailings, a guide to the suites and staterooms is below.

Most ships feature the following staterooms and suites with amenities which include:

  • A handcrafted Savoir® Beds of England bed
  • Wardrobe
  • Hairdryer
  • Safe
  • In-room thermostat
  • Flat-screen television with a media centre (including satellite TV) plus information
  • Bottled water

Suites have a range of additional benefits including:

  • Outstanding butler service with packing and unpacking services
  • Room service
  • Marble bathrooms with a double vanity unit
  • Hermès bath and body products
  • A fully-stocked bar with drinks of your preference
  • Fresh fruit and cookies delivered daily
  • A spacious environment, often including living areas

Stateroom options:

  • Classic – approx. 150 sq ft to 180 sq ft
  • French Balcony – approx. 194 sq ft
  • Deluxe French Balcony – approx. 194 sq ft

Suite (with French Balcony) options:

  • Suite – 305 sq ft
  • Grand Suite – approx. 410 sq ft

Spa, Health and Wellness

Your cruise with Uniworld can enable you to focus on wellness for both your body and mind thanks to their focus on this key area. They is a broad range of options to help you get (or stay) fit whilst on the ship but also ashore and there are even seasoned wellness experts onboard. They have an average of 10 years spent with Uniworld and continually improve their knowledge of the wellness world, keeping up-to-date with trends, training and philosophies.

You are able to start your day with a yoga class at sunrise or take other classes including TRX® suspension training. If you wish to enjoy your own work out, you can also use the equipment in the fitness centre onboard.

When your workout is complete, you can take some time out in the relaxing and rejuvenating spa and indulge in a treatment such as a facial or massage.

When it comes to cuisine, the healthier options found in the ‘Traveling Lite’ menu allow you to enjoy all the taste of a delicious meal with fewer calories. There are also vegan and vegetarian options to choose from should you so desire.

Whilst ashore, the range of ‘Let’s Go’ excursions on offer allows you to exercise whilst seeing the destinations on your itinerary. Take part in a guided walk or hike, or even choose cycling, kayaking and golking1 If you’d rather explore alone but wish to remain active, you can borrow one of the bicycles found onboard or use the Nordic walking sticks which are available.

Excursions, Entertainment and Activities

Uniworld put so much energy into their cruise itineraries in order that their guests will get the most out of them and this is showcased perfectly in the time you spend offshore. There is a huge range of shore excursions included within the price of your cruise enabling you to see the highlights of the stunning destinations you visit. Should you wish to indulge a little further, you can take part in some optional ones too.

The excursions offered will immerse you in authentic, local culture and the sights of the places you visit. You will sample local delicacies and see the history of the regions and even enjoy artisanal experiences. Examples of excursions include:

  • Village Day – you’ll get an up close and in-depth look at quaint destinations and will hear from the local folk who will bring it all to life for you
  • Let’s Go – these are the more active excursions where you can enjoy physical exploits such as hiking, walking, cycling, golfing and even kayaking
  • Do As The Locals Do – this way you get to really see life through the eyes of the locals with activities such as visiting a local café for a regional delicacy or riding the subway with other townsfolk

You can also enjoy a ‘Private Experience’ on your Uniworld cruise. Again included in the price, these are once-in-a-lifetime experiences such as visiting a museum when it is quiet or perhaps a tour of a famous landmark out-of-ours. These will be private just for Uniworld guests.

With regards entertainment, dependent on your itinerary, you can expect talented local performers to venture onboard and will occasionally provide some after-dinner shows. You will enjoy performances of music, dance and traditional arts.

There are also other activities to occupy your time whilst you sail, from the full range of wellness activities, to reclining on the sun deck, to reading in the library and even shopping in the boutique.

Enrichment Programmes

Enrichment both onboard and onshore add an extra element to your holiday – you can expect immersion in the destinations you’ll be visiting. In addition to the performances of an evening, there might also be a demonstration of local crafts. Whilst you sail the waterways, you can also recline and enjoy commentary about the landscapes and points of interest which are passing you by as well as Signature Lectures delivered by an expert. There might also be language and regional cooking lessons too.

Certain excursions enrich your cruise too, such as the ‘Masterpiece Collection’. These are available for an additional cost and will see you tasting cheese with an affineur in Rüdesheim or perhaps even braving a sidecar to tour the streets of Bordeaux.

And if you’re looking for even more still, use the Curated Services to arrange an extraordinary and totally private experience. You can have a car or guide and each one is fully customisable to ensure it is a very special moment.


Uniworld is dedicated to sustainable travel and take part in a variety of initiatives in order to improve the impact on the world. These include the clean water programme which was introduced over ten years ago and a partnership with the TreadRight Foundation to better preserve the communities and environments visited. Working in partnership the TreadRight Foundation has led Uniworld to engage in a whole range of activities across the globe to better the lives of those less privileged.

Uniworld is also working to ban single-use plastics on their ships to better protect the environments and particularly the oceans of the world.

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