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Across the globe unabashed luxury has discovered a new, riverine niche. The recent renaissance in river cruising has tapped into the psyche of a new generation of travellers who don’t want to compromise on style. They seek an opulent self-contained haven of conviviality and exploration.

On board these gleaming vessels menus reflect an epicurean élan, service is attentive and personable, while supremely comfortable accommodation with a guaranteed view of the river are all part life’s rich tapestry when cruising along waterways that offer a relaxed rendezvous with majestic cities, noble towns and bucolic villages.

Ocean cruises take you to countries, but river cruises take you through them; land is always in sight and the scenery is at eye level. Days are filled with specially created land tours led by expert guides to cultural masterpieces, plus there’s a variety of biking excursions taking a path less travelled for glimpses of local life.

After a day filled with show-stopping scenery, there’s the chance to meet new friends in the comfy lounge before retiring for a blissful night’s sleep caressed by the gentle sound of the lapping river.

For the ultimate in effortless Europe there’s a miscellany of contrasting cruises. It’s possible to voyage from the North Sea coast to the Danube Delta; witness the romanticism of the castles of the Rhine; or savour close encounters with quixotic French rivers such as the Seine; Rhone; Dordogne. Beyond the blue horizon the mystical Mekong; Ayeyarwady; Nile; Ganges; Yangtze; and Mississippi beckon to be explored as never before.

Conveying around 150 guests, river ships have three accommodation decks plus an expansive sundeck. One restaurant serves all meals and most luxury vessels have an intimate speciality dining option serving a wine-paired dégustation menu where each dish is an exquisite work of art.

For some, the idea of river cruises is filled with intrigue, romance and adventure. For others, it might be that you do not feel river cruises will be right for you. Whatever camp you reside in, at Panache Cruises we are absolutely confident that there are luxury river cruises to suit everyone, it’s just a case of finding them.

Luxury River Cruise

Fortunately, river cruises are what we are experts in. Our team of Connoisseurs have sailed the waterways of the world extensively and know the intricacies of all of the luxury cruise lines. They know the advantages of seeing the world from river cruises and will be able to guide you to the one which is perfect for you.

The reason we are so confident luxury river cruises can suit anyone is simply because there are so many different types of holiday to be created from one. Whether you have an interest in the arts, fines wines, striking architecture, exotic lands, ancient civilisations, wildlife or even sporting pursuits, we will be able to curate the perfect experience just for you. We will be on hand every step of the way from your very first enquiry, to well after you return home from any of the river cruises of the world and we will look after every element of your trip.

Rhine River Cruise

Featured Cruises

River Cruise Destinations

Chobe and Zambezi River Cruises
Chobe & Zambezi
Meandering between some of South Africa’s most iconic destinations, the Chobe River takes you on a journey through incredible national parks and cultural villages in southern Africa before flowing into the Zambezi River. Explore diverse landscapes, natural wonders and, of course, meet some of the country’s most spectacular wildlife.
Danube River Cruise
Being one of Europe’s most beautiful and celebrate waterways, Danube River cruises steer you among ancient towns filled with history, through picturesque landscapes and to vibrant, cultural cities. As you voyage between Central and Eastern Europe, stop off at fascinating destinations and scratch beneath the surface to uncover centuries old history.
Douro River Cruise
Flowing among some of Europe’s most beautiful scenery, a luxury Douro River cruise takes you on a voyage through the idyllic landscapes of Portugal and Spain. Soak up the Mediterranean sunshine as you sail past pretty countryside strewn with vineyards, traditional fishing villages and imposing architecture.

Dutch Waterways River Cruise
Dutch Waterways
Weaving through the epic countryside of Belgium and Holland, Dutch Waterways luxury river cruises take you on an inspiring voyage. Pass rolling landscapes ablaze with flowers and interspersed with windmills – an idyllic scene so often associated with Holland.

Mekong River Cruise
Meandering through some of the most incredible destinations in Southeast Asia, scenic Mekong River cruises take you on a cultural journey to Far Eastern countries such as Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam. Witness the distinctive architecture of ornate temples and learn about the diverse cultures.
Nile River Cruise
The River Nile is the longest river in the world, running through north-eastern Africa. Travellers from far and wide visit the Nile and the beautifully preserved ancient ruins along its banks, learning about the region's complex history and culture from its archaeology.

Rhine River Cruise
Flowing from the Swiss Alps among picturesque cities and towns, Rhine River cruises offer one of the most scenic voyages through Europe. Sail along riverbanks that are flanked with centuries-old castles and medieval villages, stopping off along the way to reveal the history and cultures that lie beneath the surface of each destination.
Rhone River Cruise
Imagine gently sailing along one of the Europe’s most beautiful waterways, relaxing beneath the Mediterranean sun as you watch pretty backdrops roll by. Rhine River cruises take you away from the hustle and bustle of life and introduce you to a slower pace where you can dip in and out of idyllic destinations along the way.
Seine River Cruise
The Seine is one of Europe’s greatest rivers and it flows northwest of Dijon, through Paris and into the English Channel. Seine River cruises take in some of the most wonderful destinations in France, stopping off at places such as Paris, Giverny, Rouen, Vernon and Conflans.

As experts in River Cruises, Panache Cruises are proud to be partnered with some of the most luxurious cruise lines in the world. If you are interested in booking a luxury River Cruise, don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our expert Cruise Connoisseurs by calling the number below.

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