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Rhone River Cruises

Imagine gently sailing along one of the Europe’s most beautiful waterways, relaxing beneath the Mediterranean sun as you watch pretty backdrops roll by. Rhine River cruises take you away from the hustle and bustle of life and introduce you to a slower pace where you can dip in and out of idyllic destinations along the way.

Flowing from Switzerland towards the Mediterranean Sea, the Rhone River meanders between charming villages and medieval cities on the French Riviera. The beauty of Rhine River cruises is you get to explore at your own pace in between soaking up the views from your private balcony on board the ship. One day you might be exploring roman ruins, whilst the next you could be sampling the region’s wines at a local vineyard. There are plenty of opportunities to discover the traditions and cultures of each place you visit, including Lyon, Avignon and Bordeaux.

Guided tour of Strasbourg

Best Things to do on a Rhone River Cruise

  1. Guided tour of Lyon
  2. Canoeing excursion in Avignon
  3. Regional wine tasting
  4. Guided tour to Pont du Gard
  5. A hike through vineyards of Tournon

Rhone Itineraries