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About Jenni

Jenni Fielding, known affectionately to her followers as Cruise Mummy, is an award-winning cruise blogger and trusted voice in the cruising community.

Jenni's obsession with cruising is more than a hobby; it's a way of life. Over the past decade, she has experienced more than 30 cruises, each adding to her vast ocean of knowledge about life at sea.

We are proud to partner with Jenni at Panache Cruises to showcase our Big Ship Suites. These family-oriented cruises are where Jenni’s years of experience make her stand out from the crowd.

She often takes her children with her on some of the most exciting voyages and highlights on her blog, social media and YouTube channel that bigger ships offer all the facilities and amenities suited to family cruising while still offering luxurious appointments and exclusive experiences.

Her blog, a treasure trove of insights, guides over a million people every month in navigating the thrilling waters of cruise travel. From first-time cruisers to seasoned veterans, Jenni’s advice has become a compass for many in charting their perfect cruise experiences.

Award-Winning Cruise Influencer

Cruise Mummy’s accolades include being voted as the Favourite Cruise Travel Influencer at the Wave Awards for two consecutive years, 2023 and 2022, a recognition that underscores her influence and expertise in the cruise industry.

Beyond awards, it’s her personal touch and comprehensive understanding of all kinds of cruising that endears her to a growing community of cruise enthusiasts.

At the heart of Cruise Mummy’s ethos is a desire to demystify cruising for all. Whether it's through her detailed written guides, engaging videos, informative Facebook and Instagram updates, or her indispensable Cruise Planner tool, Jenni's goal is to make cruising accessible, enjoyable, and unforgettable for everyone.

A Broad Spectrum of Experience

Jenni's background in the cruise industry, combined with her personal experiences as a mother of two, lends her a unique perspective. She is adept at addressing the diverse needs of cruisers, whether it's a luxury family adventure, a solo retreat, or an active getaway with friends.

Jenni has worked in the cruise industry since 2015, providing her with insider knowledge that she generously shares with her audience.

As a certified CLIA ChooseCruise blogger, Jenni’s cruise content spans written articles, videos and social media posts. This wide range of activities reflects her commitment to promoting cruising as an enriching travel experience for all kinds of people.

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“In joining Panache Cruises as an Ambassador, I hope to bring a wealth of knowledge and a genuine passion for luxury and multi-generational cruising. I will be actively involved in engaging with customers, sharing my favourite experiences, and offering insights that can only come from a seasoned cruiser. My mission with Panache Cruises is not just about sharing my love for cruising but also about inspiring others to explore the world. I believe in the transformative power of travel and I am dedicated to helping others discover the joys and wonders of life at sea.”