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If you’re looking for a luxury Oceania cruise, then you've come to exactly the right place. Panache Cruises is one of Oceania Cruises' leading global partners and our cruise packages and promotions are unique in the marketplace. Whether you’re after beaches or boulevards, cosmopolitan cities or sites of historic interest, an Oceania Cruise will transport you to unique destinations accompanied by exceptional cuisine. The Oceania Cruises experience is underpinned by a uniquely personalised and exceptionally friendly service.

Oceania Cruises: Overview

Oceania Cruises is the world's leading culinary and destination-focused cruise line. The various itineraries offered by Oceania often feature boutique ports and destinations that are not offered by other luxury cruise lines. In addition, the food served on Oceania voyages is second to none and the cruise line has developed a deserved reputation for excellence in this regard.

Oceania Cruises is a wholly owned subsidiary of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings and the wider parent company also owns Norwegian Cruise Line and the luxury cruise specialist Regent Seven Seas Cruises. Oceania Cruises operate a fleet of six smaller cruise ships all of which have been designed for the specific purpose of providing luxury cruises.

How Are Oceania Cruises Different?

Oceania Cruises Cuisine
Oceania differentiates itself in the luxury cruise sector in five main ways. Firstly, Oceania's award winning cuisine is truly exceptional. The cruise line offers up to eight different speciality restaurants (depending on the ship) all of which are accessible with a standard fare.
Intimate Oceania Cruise Ships
Secondly, its smaller and more intimate cruise ships create a distinct feeling of exclusivity and space. Their smaller size also allow you to access smaller ports which are often closer to your eventual destination or point of interest.

Oceania Cruises Service
Thirdly, Oceania Cruises deliver an amazing level of customer service that is both attentive and relaxed. Oceania has one of the highest crew to passenger ratios in the luxury cruise sector and this really shows when you're onboard.

Oceania Cruise Deals

Oceania Allura
  • Year Built: 2023
  • Year Refurbished: 2023
  • Passengers: 1200
  • Crew: 800
  • Passenger/Crew Ratio: 1:1.5
  • Tonnage: 66,084
Oceania Insignia
  • Year Built: 1998
  • Year Refurbished: 2018
  • Passengers: 656
  • Crew: 410
  • Passenger/Crew Ratio: 1:1.6
  • Tonnage: 30,277
Oceania Marina
  • Year Built: 2011
  • Year Refurbished: 2020
  • Passengers: 1,238
  • Crew: 776
  • Passenger/Crew Ratio: 1:1.59
  • Tonnage: 66,084
Oceania Nautica
  • Year Built: 2000
  • Year Refurbished: 2022
  • Passengers: 656
  • Crew: 409
  • Passenger/Crew Ratio: 1:1.6
  • Tonnage: 30,277
Oceania Regatta
  • Year Built: 1998
  • Year Refurbished: 2019
  • Passengers: 656
  • Crew: 410
  • Passenger/Crew Ratio: 1:1.6
  • Tonnage: 30,277
Oceania Riviera
  • Year Built: 2012
  • Year Refurbished: 2022
  • Passengers: 1,238
  • Crew: 776
  • Passenger/Crew Ratio: 1:1.59
  • Tonnage: 66,084
Oceania Sirena
  • Year Built: 1999
  • Year Refurbished: 2019
  • Passengers: 648
  • Crew: 410
  • Passenger/Crew Ratio: 1:1.58
  • Tonnage: 30,277
Oceania Vista
  • Year Built: 2023
  • Year Refurbished: 2023
  • Passengers: 1200
  • Crew: 800
  • Passenger/Crew Ratio: 1:1.5
  • Tonnage: 66,084

What Is Included In A Cruise With Oceania?

Given the levels of refined luxury onboard, Oceania Cruises offer exceptional value and the highest levels of service.

As a matter of routine a cruise with Oceania Cruises will include:

  • All the perks of Oceania's simply MORE
  • The Finest Cuisine at Sea®
  • Free specialty restaurants
  • Free/unlimited soft drinks
  • Free/unlimited speciality coffees
  • Free alcoholic beverages/beverage package
  • Free internet
  • Free shore excursions*
  • Free onboard credit*
  • Free shuttle services when in port
  • Wine tasting room
  • Open seating/dining
  • Butler service (in suites)
  • Suite & concierge lounges
  • Return airfare included (fly cruises)
  • Personalised service
  • Fully ATOL protected

Learn more about simply MORE.

Exquisitely Crafted Cuisine At Sea

Oceania Cruises lays claim to having the 'most awarded' dining experiences at sea. And with 12 restaurant brands operating at the very highest level on each of the Oceania's cruise ships, that's quite an achievement.

With Oceania's strong focus on cuisine, it will come as no surprise to find out that the menus onboard Oceania Cruises have been created by some of the world's finest chefs, many of whom can trace their culinary roots back to France.

'The inspiration for Oceania Cruises' culinary programme come from Master Chefs such as Jacques Pépin, author of countless cook books and personal chef to numerous heads of state. Many of Oceania's Executure Chefs have previously managed Michelin Star awarded restaurants in cities stretching from London to New York.

If you’re a sophisticated traveller, looking for the finest cuisine and fantastic personal service, all wrapped together in a warm and luxurious atmosphere, you’re probably going to love a cruise with Oceania Cruises.

Exquisit Cuisine in Oceania Cruises Toscana Restaurant

Oceania Cruises: Restaurants

Each ship within the Oceania Cruises fleet features a Grand Dining Room plus an eclectic mix of specialty dining rooms that showcase the 'finest cuisine at sea'. Every person on an Oceania ship is guaranteed access to each of these restaurants at least once as part of their Oceania Cruises holiday.

Oceania Insignia Toscana Restaurant
Meaning ‘Tuscan’, this Italian eatery features recipes handed down through the generations. Each dish is presented on custom-designed Versace china to celebrate Italy’s culinary passion.

Oceania Cruises Polo Grill Restaurant
Polo Grill
A luxurious steakhouse in every sence, from white linen tablecloths to the burgundy leather chairs. The aim here is simple; to provide outstanding customer service and exceptional food. Many dishes are prepared at your table!
Oceania Cruises Jacques Restaurant
A delightful and enchanting French bistro. Decorated with antiques and art from Master Chef Jacques Pépin’s personal collection, the ambiance is pure French. The dishes are classics, reinvented and reinterpreted, each one more delicious than the last.

The Culinary Center

Unique to Oceania Cruises, 'The Culinary Center' is the first hands-on cooking school at sea. Culinary aficionados now have the opportunity to learn from Oceania's award winning chefs in a ship based 'state-of-the-art' teaching kitchen.

Each tutorial is led by one of Oceania Cruises' Chef Instructors who will teach you how to create your own culniary masterpieces. Using the finest ingredients and know how from Michelin starred restaurants, each dish is prepared by you at your own ship based workstation.

Budding chefs onboard Oceania Cruises will also want to experience the cruise line's 'Culinary Discovery Tours'. This incredible concept was bourne by the cruise line's desire to become the world's leading culinary focused luxury cruise line.

When in port, Oceania's chefs organise bespoke gastronomic tours of the local region. In addition to learning the secrets of local recipes, you'll visit food quaint food markets and dine at local speciality restaurants. Each tour is focused on the 'culinary culture' at each particular destination.

Oceania Cruises Culinary Center

La Reserve By Wine Spectator

As one of the leading culinary cruise lines in the world, it will come as no surprise to learn that Oceania Cruises places a key focus on fine wine. Each ship in the Oceania fleet have an extensive wine cellar to complement the menus in each of the ship's speciality restaurants.

Wine tasting has become an important service on Oceania voyages, so much so that the cruise line has built dedicated wine tasting facilities onboard several of its ships. In partnership with Wine Spectator, the world's leading publication for wine connoisseurs, Oceania Cruises has created 'La Reserve'.

This dedicated venue allows Oceania's guests to learn about the history of wine and to sample some of the finest wines featured in Wine Spectator magazine. Each tasing session or service is geared towards the destinations that the ship is visiting at the time. A perfect extension to your beverage package.

Oceania Cruises La Reserve By Wine Spectator

Small Ship Luxury

The benefits of a 'small ship' cruise experience are many but the main difference is the sense of available space created by much smaller passenger volumes. The highest passenger to crew ratios combine to create a sense of exclusivity that is unmatched on larger ships.

Smaller ships can navigate through shallower waters which presents much greater opportunities for scenic cruising. Secondly, smaller cruise ships can visit smaller ports which are often much closer to the eventual destination or attraction.

There are six ships in the Oceania Cruises fleet. Each of the cruise line's elegant ships can accommodate upwards of 824 passengers. Of significant interest is Oceania's passenger to crew ratio which is one of the highest in the luxury cruise sector.

Flagged in the Marshall Islands, each of Oceania's contemporary ships feature a Grand Dining Room and Grand Staircase, offering a direct connection to the bygone era of the luxury steamers from the early 20th century.

Two additional ships are due to join Oceania's fleet in 2023 and 2025. The new 'Allura Class' ships are expected to set new standards in luxury cruising and are being eagerly awaited by both cruisers and media alike.

Sign up for our newsletter to keep updated on the naming ceremony for each new ship, delivery dates and future sailing dates. Alternatively, why not visit our special section on Oceania's fleet to find out more about each ship.

Oceania Cruises Small Ship Luxury

Curated Travel Experiences

Curated travel experiences are all about diving deeper into the local culture of each destination. An Oceania Cruises voyage guarantees a much more involved experience at each port of call, thanks to the input of local experts who are directly involved in shaping the shore excursions programme.

The ports of call on each one of Oceania Cruises' itineraries are selected for their rich cultural interest and underpinned by the culinary history and significance of the local area. Consequently, the cruise line manages to incorporate ports of call which you will not experience with another cruise line.

You will be joined by like minded guests, all of whom place the same value on exceptional cuisine, high end luxury and attentive yet non-intrusive service. If you favour an elite, intimate environment where you can experience true opulence and elegance, then it’s well worth considering a cruise with Oceania Cruises.

Oceania Cruises Curated Travel Experiences

Shore Excursions

Oceania offers a diverse array of shore excursions. Many of these excursions are included as part of Oceania's fantastic simply MORE inclusions. When in port, Oceania Cruises also provides free shuttle services from the ship into the local town or city as a matter of routine.

Oceania's shore excursion programme is categorised into several categories:

Oceania Cruises Culinary Discovery Excursions
Culinary Discovery
Reinforcing Oceania's commitment to its 'culinary programs', these tours will typically visit local markets before a cooking demonstration by local chefs. You'll then be served a delicious lunch made from the finest local ingredients.
Oceania Cruises Go Local Excursions
Go Local
Meet bona fida local tour guides with unique local knowledge. Each of these tours are designed to give a much deeper understanding of the cultural history of the destination in question. Become a local expert!

Oceania Cruises Minimal Activity Excursions
Minimal Activity
Designed specifically for people who don't want to over exert themselves when in port, these tours strike the perfect balance between mobility and accessibility.

Entertainment & Activities

Spa, Health & Wellness

Health and wellness services are taken very seriously by Oceania so if this is an important part of your holiday, look no further. The new Aquamar Spa + Vitality Centers found onboard have been thoughtfully designed to enhance your experience. They do this through an array of 'wellness encounters' that encompass Oceania’s other hallmark wellness offerings.

These include:

Aquamar Vitality Cuisine at sea

Taking its inspiration from Mediterranean diets, The Finest Cuisine at Sea® uses the best quality and freshest ingredients to create healthy dishes. With a huge range available at mealtimes across all ships, choose a dish to meet your specific health goals.

Wellness Discovery Tours by Aquamar

Oceania offer more than 50 wellness focused tours that reveal the timeless health rituals of local cultures in the ports all over the world. Stunning destinations, foreign cultures and healthy lifestyles all combine to create an incredible travel experience.

Oceania Cruises Aquamar Spa


Each ship features an excellent line up of onboard shows and entertainers fresh from the stages of Broadway in New York and London's West End. Enjoy recitals from world-class pianists, string quartets and vocalists like.

Listen to talks from guest lecturers, intrepid explorers, sports personalities and celebrity chefs. Alternatively why not sign up to some art classes or stop off at the ship's Monte Carlo-esque casino to try your luck at the elegant tables? You will certainly enjoy your free time onboard!

Enrichment Programmes

Enjoy special guest lecturers, seminars from the Aquamar Spa + Vitality Center, trivia information, wine tastings and more on each cruise. Certain ships also benefit from state-of-the-art culinary centres and also the Artist’s Loft to bring out your creative side.

Oceania’s signature sailings also host special guests such as CBS Sports’ Verne Lundquist or the cruise line's very own Executive Culinary Director, Jacques Pépin. The focus might include exclusive lectures, cooking demonstrations or motivational talks.

Oceania Cruises Entertainment

Oceania Cruises Destinations

As you would expect from one of the world's leading destination focused luxury cruise lines, Oceania Cruises' fleet operate in the most sought after regions of the world. From the South Pacific to the South Atlantic, from the British Isles to the Greek Isles, Oceania Cruises is world famous for creating some of the most exciting cruise itineraries on the luxury cruise calendar.

Oceania's list of destinations are broadly categorised into Europe, The Americas (including South America), the Tropics (e.g. caribbean sailings) and the Exotics (Far East etc.) Oceania World Cruise, incorporating all these regions, is considered one of the best in the world.

Irrespective of where you are based or want to travel in the world, the team at Panache Cruises can piece together a bespoke fly cruise itinerary with land based stays at both your pre-departure and post-departure ports of call.

So if you are planning an Oceania Cruise, why not search our itineraries section for 2022, 2023 or 2024!

Simply MORE

Simply MORE actually gives you more inclusions for less money. Instead of a choice between extras on every sailing, Oceania Cruises guests now get more inclusions for their money.

Shore excursion credits are between $600 and $1,600 per stateroom depending on the length of your voyage. You can spend these credits on anything from a huge range of 8000 shore excursions.

Guests can now enjoy free Champagne, wines, and more at lunch and dinner. Plus, a selection of craft beers, non-alcoholic wines, prosecco & gin as well as soft drinks, coffee, water, and juices are also available at no extra charge across all sailings.

Why Book An Oceania Cruises Voyage With Panache?

Simply put, our approach at Panache Cruises is unique. When you book your Oceania Cruise with Panache, you’re tapping into decades of experience in luxury cruising.

Founded by James Cole – one of the most recognised names in the cruise industry – Panache Cruises has a reputation for doing things differently. Our award winning customer service sets us apart.

Fully ATOL protected, our customers also benefit from Panache's Customer Trust Fund which provides complete financial protection and total peace of mind that your funds are secure.

Unlike other travel agents, we are not just a cruise booking company. In addition to creating our own unique packages and chartering our own ships, our pedigree and experience in the industry gives us access to the best pricing and priority access to the best stateroom grades.

Quite unabashedly, we are 'cruise connoisseurs' and we craft each luxury cruise holiday to your own exacting standards. We leave no stone unturned to ensure you receive the ultimate elite cruise experience.

When you book through Panache Cruises, you’ll have a single point of contact, from initial conversation through to your return home. When you call us there are no frustrating number selections to reach the right department. You'll be put straight through to our dedicated team of luxury cruise experts.

Your dedicated 'Cruise Connoisseur' will assist you with every aspect of your holiday from booking specialty restaurants, local tours / shore excursions and even your beverage package. Each of our Cruise Connoisseurs have intimate knowledge of all the luxury cruise lines that we work with and have a proven track record in delivering excellence.

Based in the UK, every member of our team will go the extra nautical mile to accommodate your every need. Nothing is too much trouble. If you're ready to embark on your next luxury cruise adventure, we're here to help!

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