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Chobe River Cruises

Meandering between some of South Africa’s most iconic destinations, Chobe River cruises take you on a journey through incredible national parks and cultural villages and towns. Explore diverse landscapes, natural wonders and, of course, meet some of the country’s most spectacular wildlife.

South Africa is home to several national parks and during your cruise on the Chobe River, you’ll have the opportunity to discover Chobe National Park and Kruger National Park, where the world-famous Big Five roam. As well as elephants, lions, leopards, rhino and buffalo, animals such as zebra, cheetahs and giraffes grace the park.

Other highlights of a Chobe River cruise may include immersive tours of Botswana or Namibia where you’ll uncover the local traditions and get to meet the locals. Alternatively, take a trip along the Zambezi River and witness the majesty of the thundering Victoria Falls. There is so much to see on a luxury cruise of South Africa and you’ll be enamoured by the country’s natural beauty.

Safari in Chobe National Park

Things to do on Chobe River Cruise

  1. Visit Victoria Falls
  2. Cableway up Table Mountain
  3. Safari in Chobe National Park
  4. Visit a local African village
  5. Zambezi River sundown cruise

Chobe Itineraries